So Specter jumps ship; good for him

Arlen Specter will run as a Democrat for his re-election to the Senate.

Arlen Specter will run as a Democrat for his re-election to the Senate.

By Gregory Moore

Whether you admire him or not, Sen. Arlen Specter has decided to take his political future in his own hands and carve out his own destiny.

Today Specter made the decision to jump party lines and run for re-election as a Democrat.

Some in the country see this as a victory.

Others see this as Benedict Arnold resurfacing.

Many believe the old man wasn’t going to win his re-election anyways based upon his recent support for the stimulus bill.

Everybody has an opinion but you know what the majority of the individuals who are both for and against Specter aren’t doing; congratulating him for being his own man.

In this country we allow our political affiliations make and shape who we are.

You can’t say this isn’t true because it is really indefensible.

If you are a staunch party-liner, the party line dictates how you govern your own life events.

Sure there are going to be some who say they are independent and there may be some who actually are but for the most part, either a party affiliation or its co-joined tagline of being a liberal or conservative, dictates how you live.

In the case of Specter, the GOP believes that not only is Specter’s act seditious but that they won’t even thank him for his four decades of service and realize that maybe his decision is based upon his own personal beliefs now and not that of the party line.

That’s why it is so easy to say that nobody is willing to give Sen. Specter the respect of standing up for his own beliefs.

That’s sad.

Here we are…a society who just a few days ago was ripping Perez Hilton a new exit hole in the rear for ripping a young woman for standing up for what she thought were right and in the same breath almost we are going to think that Sen. Specter’s decision is more ploy than human realization.

Is that how we treat anyone who has had the balls to run for public office and serve his state since 1980?


Let us not remember that the majority of us do not even begin to understand what it takes to run for office. Oh sure we’ll spout off at the water cooler that we can do a better job than whoever is in office but if pressured to put the bravado up against a chance at being in public office, 98% of this country would cower to the corner.

Yeah I’ll say it.

When it comes to actually wanting to do something better for the country by being in public office, the majority are political cowards.

Call it what you want but it’s the truth.

But for Specter all I can think of is the bravery that he has endured over the years.

Forget that this country could have lost him a few times due to cancer. What he did today is braver than any chemotherapy treatment.

Arlen Specter put his political future on the line by this decision.

That’s very brave in a world where it is easy to take a pot shot at someone’s political stance or beliefs.

However from where I sit all I see is a man wanting to be true to himself.

Too bad we don’t have many more in this country willing to do what Arlen did; take a chance at being true to themselves and not to a party line.


One response to “So Specter jumps ship; good for him

  1. Arlen Sphincter hasn’t been a Republican since, well, ever. The only people who personify the RINO (Republican In Name Only) tag more than Sphincter are the two nit-wits from Maine. And he’s not going to win re-election with this little move anyways. He just delayed the inevitable voter-provided pink slip from the primary to the general election.

    I’m not a registered Republican, but I vote that way 99% of the time and I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

    I think President Obama’s “Go For It All, Go For It Now” approach to implementing his leftist agenda will result in some pretty impressive voter blowback in the 2010 elections.

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