When we trample on a person’s personal beliefs, we trample on being ‘Christian”

By Gregory Moore

Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon said that she will not accept Notre Dames highest medal because president Barak Obama is pro-choice.

Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon said that she will not accept Notre Dame's highest medal because president Barak Obama is pro-choice.

Belief: something that somebody believes in.

We all have them whether they are our religious beliefs or our own personal beliefs.

For the most part the internal workings of a person never comes into public question or debate but on those rare occasions what a person may belief in sparks debate and even unwarranted controversy.

Take for instance the fact that President Barack Obama’s appearance at the upcoming Notre Dame commencement ceremony.

Because of his own personal belief in abortion, there are not thousands who think that the university should have rescinded the invitation to President Obama.

That is their only reason for wanting to make a mockery of what should be a historical moment; to stand on a principle.

Many of these detractors are trying to subscribe to what the Catholic Church believes in and I have a major problem with the Catholic Church on this issue and many other issues; mainly I have a problem with how they want to dictate the rules in which parishioners should live their lives by.

The Catholic Bishops in this country should really be ashamed of themselves for trying to polarize this event.

Consider this for a minute.

On the one hand these ‘blessed’ individuals want us to remember that a life is inside of a woman is precious and yet for decades, and I do mean DECADES, this organization has stood by with their thumbs up their red robes watching innocent little boys be molested by the priesthood in which they govern across this country. Oh I’m not going to even go into the fact that this aberration of Catholic priests molesting boys has probably been going on for centuries. I may not have the proof of the act but I sure as hell am not going to say it didn’t happen. After all if it has been happening for decades in this country, who is to say it hasn’t been happening around the world for a longer period of time.

But instead of this group of high priests looking at the broader picture as to what could be a great thing for this nation’s premiere Catholic university, they have either said nothing to back the school or have allowed others to rail against the institution.

Then there is my problem with Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon, a former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, said Monday that she was rejecting the Laetare Medal because of Mr. Obama’s pro-choice actions as president.


Okay now maybe I’ve been a little slow off the blocks but can somebody tell me what has president Obama done in 103 days that was a pro-choice move? Oh wait because he believes in embryonic stem cell research he is a bad person?

Gee thanks Ambassador Glendon for showing the rest of the world how judgmental we Christians are to each other.

From what I understand about this award, it is given to someone whose life exemplifies the life of Catholicism and who has gone on to help mankind in some fashion.

While I may not be as well versed in my Catholic teachings as I should, I have to remind myself that I’m not Catholic; just a Christian man who graduated from a Catholic high school in Cincinnati.

Let me clarify that: I am a Christian man who is a graduate of a Catholic high school who believes that a woman has a right to choose what is best for her and her health; including whether or not to abort a pregnancy.

What disturbs me more is that there are people in this country who want to trample on a person’s individual beliefs simply because they do not adhere to their own beliefs.

Is this how the Roman Catholic Church wants to be remembered by the rest of us Christians? An overbearing deity that thinks that it has all the answers, understands what is right and that unless you believe in what they believe, you are not worthy to give a commencement speech or even ‘break bread’ together and have a spirited, educational debate on the issues?

Is this the philosophy that Ambassador Glendon teaches in her classes at Harvard and if they are is this why we have the legal issues we have now in other arenas?

Here’s the deal.

Nobody who is Catholic can tell any of us that they have followed the book by the letter. I guarantee that in this country there are Catholic high school girls and boys who are having pre-marital sex, grown adults who are doing the same thing, women who have had an abortion who are Catholic, men who head to the club or bar in about two hours to have a couple a drinks before headed home.

They’re human and I’m willing to bet that each and every one of them are good people and believe in their religious faith just like we do ours.

But am I going to hold their own personal beliefs against them if I am in a public forum with any of them?


That’s not Christian like.

And that’s the problem.

In the perfect world we don’t judge a person by their religious beliefs, their personal beliefs or even their moral beliefs.

Granted we have to abide by some set of law but for the most part as long as we all are law-abiding citizens in the perfect world, we get along just fine.

But that’s a fairytale. In this world everyone is judged on his or her beliefs and there are factions who believe that a person’s beliefs that are not like the group’s is not fit to be seen with.

Maybe Ambassador Glendon didn’t mean her stance to look like she is of a higher calling than president Obama.

Maybe the Catholic Bishops just don’t understand the nuances of how to look at a situation and make a call on a case-by-case basis.

Whatever their excuse, position or even belief may be in this matter, the message that is being sent around the world is that the Catholic Church does not want to associate with a ‘heathen’ like Barack Obama.

And if that is the case, who is truly showing the world how Christianity functions?


One response to “When we trample on a person’s personal beliefs, we trample on being ‘Christian”

  1. You are able to say whatever you want, and i am sure that you are also able to be responsible to whatever you do. God bless you, anyway, because Jesus is died for you too.

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