The probelm with the Republican party is well….the Republican party itself

Is Rush Limbaugh the de facto speaker for the Republican Party?

Is Rush Limbaugh the de facto speaker for the Republican Party?

By Gregory Moore

Over the weekend there has been a concerted effort by some prominent members of the Republican Party who want to ‘re-brand’ themselves.

As a matter of fact their whole mission is to re-brand the Republican brand and the town hall type meeting at a Pizza joint in Arlington, VA was their start.

That’s not a bad idea and I think that probably a lot of people are wanting the GOP to do just that; re-brand itself. However the Republican Party has an image problem that it will not shake. Do you know what that problem is?

Being eternally linked to guys like Rush Limbaugh.

Look there is nothing wrong with having conservative values. As a matter of fact we all have them. But when you talk about politics, being a conservative is a dirty word because most people equate the word conservative to guys like Limbaugh, Sean Hanity, Mike Gallagher and others.

Is it wrong?

Probably but then again the Republican Party really has nobody to blame but themselves for embracing these popular talk show hosts.

The people who are killing the party aren’t the conservatives who really want to help the country; it is the fringe groups like the aforementioned talk show hosts who have all the party power.

Think about how powerful what Rush, Sean or Michael say on the air truly is.

For instance, on the website, they have a story entitled ” Cantor Caves: Republicans Will Be ‘Listening’ To Limbaugh; not Americans”, the site quotes Republican Minority Whip in the House Eric Cantor from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joe”.


SCARBOROUGH: So, let’s start with Rush Limbaugh, who seems to be mocking the idea of a listening tour. What do you say to Rush?

CANTOR: You know, Joe, really, this — this is not a listening tour. You know, think about what we saw a couple weeks ago on the TEA parties. The American people are very frustrated that they really see a government in Washington that doesn’t hear them, that doesn’t respond to their needs and, frankly, are upset at a government that doesn’t work.

What the National Council for a New America is, is an opportunity for us to go out across this country to talk about our conservative principles and to appeal to as many elements in our society as we can and to really talk to them as a higher level and say, look, there are some transcendental goals that we’re all about in this country, and they can best be achieved through conservative principles of freedom and opportunity.

That’s what this movement is really about.

SCARBOROUGH: But, you know, following up on Rush’s point about how you need to go out on a teaching tour, I look at a budget that’s passed that the CBO says is going to bankrupt America. I look at a lot of policies that — that we’re moving towards that I think are terrible for America.

And then I look at polls that show that this president has 65, 66, 67 percent approval ratings. It seems to me, if you’re right and if I’m right, maybe we do need to go out and explain why and do a little teaching.

CANTOR: Well, you know, look, Rush is talking about conservative principles, and we’re talking about conservative principles. And no question, Joe, this president is extremely popular personally, but it’s his policies, once they — once the details are flushed out — that have proven in the polls over and again to be not very popular at all.

And I think this is where the frustration is coming from, and that’s why we do need, in the Republican Party, to go out and talk about the our conservative principles and how they apply to the challenges that this country is facing and the challenges that people are facing in communities across this country.


This was in stark contrast to what Cantor and others were saying just last week during this time.

So instead of possibly having meaningful discussions in which Cantor and others may have a chance at rehabilitating the brand, he and others are going to listen to Limbaugh on strategy.

Way to go Congressman Cantor.

You have officially sank the GOP without even knowing it.

If Micheal Steele and other GOP leaders continue to listen to the rantings of Limbaugh and other pez dispensing blowhards, the Republican Party will forever be the party of “no”.

If you want to know why it was so easy for the Democrats to win recent elections, look at who they targeted.

The Dems didn’t target party faithful members; they went after those who were disenchanted with how things were going.

Yes it is hard to believe but the Republican Party started losing members the moment it walked away from what the masses wanted.

Here is what is so ironic about this Republican movement.

The majority of individuals who say they are Republicans are actually just like you and me.

Both parties actually believe in some of the same core values.

But what switched many GOP loyalists into becoming independent or Democrats over the past four years isn’t because the Dems had a better ideology; it was because the Republicans fleeced their own members.

In other words they pillaged the party faithful who simply wanted a better way of life. The moment those individuals started losing jobs, their homes and cars, they bolted from the GOP because it didn’t help them when they needed it most.

So instead of Cantor and other leaders going out and speaking to these disenfranchised individuals, he wants the newly formed group to follow the logic that is Limbaugh.

Here’s the thing on that premise.

If the GOP continues to listen guys like Limbaugh, they will never be the majority in this country’s political landscape.

Limbaugh’s rhetoric makes good ratings but the GOP cannot get him to run for any type of office.

He’d lose.

So would Hanity, Gallagher and every other national chatterbox that thinks clanging the pots and pans of yesteryear is the way to win back seats.

If the Republican Party wants to gain a stronger foothold in politics again, they need to abandon the holier than thou mantra they think they have over the Democrats.

They need to become diverse and understand that diversity is the key to success in this country.

They need to stop having national spokespersons like Limbaugh, Hanity and others who actually hurt the cause rather than infuse it.

If this past election is any indication, this political party should realize that the majority of Americans are sick and tired of talk show blowhards who don’t have real answers.

They want a party that can walk the walk.

Not just talk the talk at any chance it gets.


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