Is a burger run really that news worthy?

By Gregory Moore

The Hells burger that is raising all kind of hell during a news cycle

The Hell's burger that is raising all kind of hell during a news cycle

I’m a burger guy and when I mean a burger guy, I mean I love burgers. Hell I’m a meat eater but if I have a good burger in front of me I’m a happy camper.

And so with me being a meat carnivore and one who is constantly blogging, writing or something of the sort, I would seriously doubt that if had any major celebrity status that my eating habits would become major news.

Or would it.

If I’m to take seriously the fluff pieces that were done on the prez and vice prez making a run to a burger joint in Arlington, VA, then I would suspect that pretty soon the news coverage would be of the commander in chief taking a dump in the local establishment’s can too.

Yeah I can see that headline: Prez takes dump on sanitized stool.

Has journalism gone this far off base?

Are we really that much of a tabloidish society that we need to be tweeted, facebooked and whatchamacallit to death about every move the prez makes?

Evidently so because the mindless box watchers known as the American public thinks its news.

Oh wait another news flash: The prez did not take part in the National Day of Prayer.

Hey here’s another one: neither did I.

This isn’t news worthy.

It’s actually rubbish and every news outlet that ran any part of the story should be embarrassed and have their press credentials yanked.

You know who benefitted from the burger story?

The burger joint.

I guarantee you that sales are up 200% from that day forward simply because of what happened.

That’s the problem with news cycles today; there is nothing important or relevant to talk about.

Sure we could talk about ManRam getting busted for steroids. Me, personally I think he grabbed the wrong libido drugs.

But that’s just me.

Do I care that ManRam got busted?

Not really and that is only because I’m not surprised by anything that anybody does these days.

In the context of things I’ve talked about what happened with him and I’ve done it just in a 24-hour news cycle span.

But that’s it. Nothing else except for this little diddy.

And I would never have subjected my news organization to the crap of burger coverage.

Talk about un-American.

The problem with having a leader that is actually ‘news worthy’ is that now the news hounds have forgotten what the definition is.

It’s not about whether or not the prez ate a burger or prayed in public.

It’s about whether or not he has a policy that helps this country move forward.

Now back to my regularly scheduled gourmet burger joint…..


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