Cuban was wrong…..apology and all

By Gregory Moore

Mark Cuban gave a classless apology

Mark Cuban gave a classless apology

Mark Cuban may be one of the brightest minds in business but when it comes to communication, he is as dumb as anyone else these days.

Don’t get me wrong.

Being a billionaire in the communications field is spectacular but being adept at “communication” is something totally different.

So when I read Cuban’s alleged apology to Kenyon Martin and his mother, I just shook my head.

Let me tell you why I am shaking my head.

This is a publicity stunt!!!!

Cuban took what was a serious matter in Kenyon’s opinion and made it a blog entry for his website.

C’mon Mark!!!! Did you really have to do that?

When I read the apology I was just shaking my head.

In what was a 391-word blog entry at BlogMaverick, Cuban didn’t apologize to Kenyon; he justified his actions and tried to sweep it under the rug.

Okay maybe my newfound energies in getting a B.S. in Communications is getting to my head but there is a simple way to apologize and it goes like this:

“Dear Kenyon:

The other day I said some things that were out of line and very much out of character.

I want to personally apologize to you and your mom on the comments that I made and any subsequent comments that may have spawned from them afterwards.

With Mother’s Day just passing, we are all fortunate to have the one woman who will stand by us no matter what the circumstances.

I’d like to apologize to you and your mom at your earliest convenience without any fanfare. Here is my personal contact info.

I look forward to your correspondence.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,
Mark Cuban”

In 105 words I have just surmised what would have been a heartfelt apology and if Cuban had done just that, and done it privately, we’d all feel better about his apology right now.

But he didn’t.

And I seriously doubt he ever really intended to do so anyways.

Here’s the point I want to make: a sincere apology is never ‘public’.

If Cuban was really sincere about giving an apology, he would have done so IMMEDIATELY on Sunday.

However he laid down conditions and gave half ass sympathies as half ass overtures that he thinks would appease a family that can afford a suite and security.

What’s worse is that you have people out there in this country thinking he did a good thing.

Cuban may be a lot of things: successful, insightful, and rich.

But he is also very egotistical and callous in his approach with people.

He’s an owner; not a season ticket holder.

The day of being the pompous ass season ticket holder disappeared the moment he bought the team and started writing the checks.

What has gotten completely lost in all of this is an apology from Cuban to Martin and his family.

And that is what makes this whole situation nothing more than a public relations farce.

If I were Kenyon, I’d make sure I scored 20 points in game five and send the Mavs, Cuban and Mavs’ faithful home.

And I’d tell my teammates to help me bury a franchise that has shown little class and decorum in the NBA family.


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