Local businessman needs to let the election go

Local businessman Byron Miller (left) is looking for a recount and potential voter fraud in a recent runoff election with former city planner Ivy Taylor.

Local businessman Byron Miller (left) is looking for a recount and potential voter fraud in a recent runoff election with former city planner Ivy Taylor.

By Gregory Moore

The political endgame is always an interesting one; especially when it comes to local politics.

But nothing in last weekend’s runoff between local businessman Byron Miller and former city planner Ivy Taylor gave us any indication that a protracted race well after Saturday’s event was in store for the citizens of San Antonio.

That is not until the Miller campaign began the process of filing voter fraud charges.

In an Express-News, Miller’s campaign squack box, Tommy Calvert, Jr., wrote in an e-mail: ” There may be some explanation for the 363 duplications. We just want to ensure the (legitimacy) of the vote.”

Now Calvert is a smart young man but I’m wondering why is Miller’s voice in all of this recount talk?

I’m not talking about the old cliché speak one would give to the press; I’m talking about an honest assessment as to where things are and why he, as the leader of his campaign, feels its warranted to do a recount.

Anyone hear that voice? Anyone?

[Crickets chirping]

That’s what I thought and that’s the problem with this whole issue now.

Miller was never in charge of his campaign and ultimately it is the very reason why he lost by 54 votes.

I call that “friends and family” because to lose by that many votes really does come down to that aspect of one’s appeal to individuals.

But Miller isn’t seeing that picture. Deep inside that analogy lies the truth of why he lost the campaign. Basically it was more about what he did wrong rather than what his opponent did right.

What did Miller do wrong?

He didn’t lead his campaign strategy; he let someone else do it and it cost him an election.

Namely he decided to go on this “Poison Ivy” tactic and in the local politico realm dirty bombs simply do not mesh well with voters.

If Miller wants proof of why that doesn’t work, he needs to ask former councilwoman Loudres Galvan how she lost by 45 votes.

It’s the same answer; dirty bomb politics that didn’t work.

Both seasoned politicos should have known better but they let their egos get the best of them.

And that’s another contribution to Miller’s loss; his ego.

In politics you can’t have an ego.

But from everyone who I’ve talked to about Miller, that is what kept coming up; his ego.

And it showed during the campaign.

When the general election results came in and he led Taylor by 11 points, instead of saying things like, “Well it looks like we have some work to do,” or “She’s a formidable opponent. This runoff means that I’ve got to get my message out there to the undecided voters”, he let his ego put out a statement to her saying, “why don’t you call the papers in the morning and tell the you concede the race”.

Now I don’t know who put that idea in his head but if it was one of his campaign strategists, that person should never be in politics ever again.

If Miller came up with that comment then he deserves this loss and he should accept it as such.

Either way what is pretty evident now is that the residents of this district do not want him as their elected representative.

He or his campaign representatives can ask for recounts till the cows come home but the bottom line is that he lost an election that was winneable; more than the two previous losses that weren’t.

Maybe it is time for Miller to just move on and forget about being a city councilman.

There are other ways to represent your community and some of the best ways is just to continue doing the service you’ve always done.

Maybe if he keeps doing that and should Taylor falter in her first term, there will be a bigger ground swell of support for him and other people will put their money behind him.

If that doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world.

Just the end of a sought after goal.


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