LGBT community deserves rights but certain liberties just aren’t warranted

As a member of the LGBT community, Rep. Barney Frank thinks the president should bow to the pressures of what that community wants. But is that the right thing to do in a country with Judeo-Christian beliefs?

As a member of the LGBT community, Rep. Barney Frank thinks the president should bow to the pressures of what that community wants. But is that the right thing to do in a country with Judeo-Christian beliefs?

By Gregory Moore

The lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender community is up in arms with the president because he won’t back 100% of the ideals they believe they deserve as citizens of this nation.

In truth, the LGBT community does deserve to have certain rights afforded to them but the use of “same sex marriage” as a way of getting them shows how out of touch they are with conventional wisdoms.

Whether you believe that certain individuals are born to be the opposite sex or not, in our world society nature rules how things work. And that should be the foundation as to how certain rights are given and how certain liberties are upheld in the world.

Marriage is not described as the union between two of the same species.

Come let’s get real and frank about the issue and quit pussy footing around the whole issue. Everybody knows that the attraction to the same sex is not a common, natural act for humans; it is a choice. Yet considering the fact that the constitution, almost 99% of all religious beliefs and even medical science is geared towards heterosexual orientation, the LGBT community has to know that fighting for their civil rights is one thing but to push for the same rights as a man and woman is totally out of the question.

You simply cannot get the same treatment that others get because you are not equal.

Let me make it plain for understanding: the rights, legal protections and liberties that a heterosexual couple get SHOULD be different than those of a same sex couple. Not because the same sex couple doesn’t deserve those rights but because the laws cannot apply to them because of their unique situation.

Now granted there are some things that should be equal across the board.

Discrimination because of one’s sexual orientation/preference shouldn’t be allowed and thankfully there is legislation that is helping stop such injustices.

Insurance companies are finding ways to provide for coverage for same sex couples and that too is a positive step forward.

In the legal realm, I can see laws that help these couples when it comes to handling finances, deaths, etc. Those too are much needed.

But here is where the LBGT community needs to realize they are getting what they need; not what they want.

The nation is willing to allow for civil unions to take place but you cannot ask it to morally excommunicate itself from its social foundation on marriage by passing laws that discriminate traditional marriage unions.

That is what this particular community is doing and it is the very reason why they are getting the backlash they are getting.

Which by the way is what they should have expected and not have been so shocked.

What this community is asking a nation to do is to go against its religious principles. It is literally asking the nation to forget the fact that God wanted Adam and Eve to procreate and multiply the earth.

What the community is doing is telling fathers of children that a woman can do their job of raising that son or daughter and that men can do the job of motherhood just as well as mothers can.

This community is telling the nation that although they are different, that they are equal when it comes to certain liberties that have long been traditionally for opposite sex family units.


Because they feel disrespected and discriminated against by the heterosexual majority of the country.

That approach is wrong and it is why there will continue to be a backlash against them unless the thinking process is changed.

Should the LGBT community have certain protections in the military? Sure they should.

Should they receive certain medical coverages that are equal to that of their straight couple friends?

Of course.

But the community should also think about using some common sense in their approach for trying to broker these principles.

They need to accept the notion that this country is a heterosexual nation for the most part and that traditional, family values still reign in our society.

They also need to realize that not everyone is going to agree with their stance but that they will get a fair and just feeling of respect the moment they respect the opposition.

A good lesson of all of this would be if Perez Hilton had taken the high road and respected former Ms. California’s answer and not bash her. That one gesture caused a riff between two communities and it is still a riff because no one from the LGBT community corrected Perez or any other critic of Carrie Prejean.

This nation is indeed “one nation, under God” but what the LGBT community must realize is that in a nation that is primarily Judeo-Christian in faith, certain liberties just won’t come their way; at least not in the manner in which they would love to see them.

The gay community deserves to have many of the rights and liberties they are asking for and they deserve to get them in short order.

But that same community must also come to grips with the fact that they will never get the equal treatment in some practices that traditional, heterosexual couples have received for decades.

When you make choices, there are some things that you will give up and that is what this community needs to realize.

For them to be happy as couples, they gave up some traditional beliefs.

Now they must learn to live with liberties and rights that specifically for them and them only.

In a sense it is almost being ‘separate’ but ‘equal’.

But in this type of lifestyle, it might be the way to ensure that equal protection is given; even if it is by unconventional means.


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