Bennett should be held to the exact same standard

Marty B thinks Marty B TV is his ticket to Hollywood. Not in this instance

Marty B thinks "Marty B TV" is his ticket to Hollywood. Not in this instance

By Gregory Moore

Martellus Bennett may be a breath of fresh air for some but the former Aggie has little regard about the history that African Americans, as athletes and a people, have been a part of.

I say this because Marty B TV has decided that it would hold its first annual “Black Olympics”.

Bennett says that the YouTube clip is harmless.

I say that 22-year-old is getting too big for his britches and that evidently he doesn’t understand that perpetuating a stereotype that so many Blacks have tried to trounce isn’t funny.

Let me say that rarely do I agree with Jason Whitlock on things but on this topic we both agree: Bennett doesn’t get it.

Hypocrisy, or the double standard, is in abundance in the Black culture.

When people say that Blacks hold others o a higher standard than their own culture; they’re right. “We” do exactly that.

We expect racial equality.

We demand that we be treated like everyone else in the workplace and in society.

But we are the worst at policing our own culture, even our own ‘children’, when it comes to how many of our own ‘people’ take the use of certain language lightly or believe that it is harmless to continue to ‘blackface’ ourselves in the viral world.

Yes Bennett is being hypocritical when he says he’s not racist because he knows damn well that if Jason Whitten, Bret Farve, Eli or Peyton Manning, or anyone else that is not “Black” did this exact video spoof, he’d be pissed off and so would just about every black person.

We would want those “white” players to be held accountable.

So I’m like Whitlock on this.

Why aren’t we holding Bennett to that EXACT SAME STANDARD?

Maybe Bennett doesn’t get it because his generation doesn’t understand why Olympian athletes like Jesse Owens, Alice Coachman, Rafer Johnson and so many others who had a tough time even getting ‘respect’ as Olympians back in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Maybe, as a pro football player, Bennett doesn’t understand the importance of Ernie Davis becoming the first Black man to win a Heisman or the accomplishments of Jim Brown.

Maybe the youngster doesn’t get it that on a societal plane, seeing who can eat the most fried chicken in two minutes is something that nobody should want to do, especially when you have a whole group of Philadelphia inner city youth who were just exposed to the most blatant of racial discrimination in recent memory.

I’m like Whitlock when I say I can care less about Bennett’s Black Olympic spoof but what I can’t stand is the hypocrisy that is just oozing from his pours.

But then again why should I be so surprised by the actions of a 22-year-old who hasn’t lived life yet.

Hell I’m 20 years older than he is and I’ve seen stuff that make the Aggie puke.

I’ve seen things that will send both him and his brother home to momma or Big Momma.

The problem with Bennett’s spoof is that not only does it denigrate the accomplishments of so many Black athletes before him; it shows that he’s just a 22-year-old kid who hasn’t lived life yet.

Should I be upset with him?

Probably not.

But as a pro athlete, someone who is supposed to be a ‘role model’ to young kids, especially YOUNG BLACK MALES, I expect a whole hell of a lot from Bennett.

And he should too.

Evidently he doesn’t get it and the sad thing is, he may never get it because when it comes to making big bank, aka endorsements, it is clips like this on Marty TV that will keep those big time dollars away from him.

And that in itself shows the immaturity and lack of vision of most 22-year-olds.

But Whitlock is right on the accountability part too.

Bennett’s society, aka the Black society, should be holding his ass to the fire and nobody from that community is doing so.

When Black writers like Whitlock, myself and others don’t hold these athletes accountable, they don’t get the message I just put forth about ‘our heritage’ and ‘our struggle’ as a people in the world.

Which is why Bennett thinks it is okay.


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