Because of our “quasi” socialized medical program, healthcare bill is flatlining

Healthcare costs are rising because of our broke system now

Healthcare costs are rising because of our broke system now

By Gregory Moore

For the first time since taking office, President Barack Obama’s approval rating has dropped below 60%.

That shouldn’t be shocking.

We are living in troubled times.

But it is troubled times that also have every Dick Morris, Liz Chaney, Newt Gingrich and Joe the Plumber thinking that electing Obama was a mistake.

These troubling times have Americans thinking the worst about an ideal simply because they, meaning Americans, do not do change well.

And so you have individuals using words like socialism, government subsidized plans, and cap and trade failure in a manner that not only put a negative connotation on what ‘they’ think will happen.

Part of this ‘fear’ is that of the administration.

When you come up with ideas and ideals, you definitely have to have plans that are viable and make sense.

There are two hot button topics that have this country thinking Obama was a mistake, a man who lies, and is being deceitful to the voters.

One is Guantanamo Bay.

The other is health care.

Of the two, the health care issue is the more pressing concern among Americans and it should be.

Over the past several weeks I’ve had conversations with friends and family about this topic.

For many, they assume the worst and they buy into the talk of “socialized” medicine without really understanding some core principles.

First off we already have a “quasi” form of socialized medicine in this country and we all are paying into it.

Look at your next paycheck or W2 form and tell me what do you think the amounts from FICA, FWT and Medicaid are going for?

What do you think your income tax dollars are already doing?

If you are in the military, work for the government or in the government sector, you are a part of the ‘quasi’ social medical program.

But we also have a ‘quasi’ socialized medical plan for those who cannot afford health care.

Let’s put that in plain talk: those who are on fixed income.

Now who do you think that hits in this country?

And guess what America; it is that part of the “quasi” system that is broken.

Talk to anyone who is Medicare/Medicaid or welfare.

Ask any senior citizen how hard it is to pay for medications now.

And this is before we even begin talking about Obama’s plan.

And do you know whose fault that current mess is?

Our elected officials who have been in office long before Obama got to be a state legislator and long before the Clintons came up with their plan in 1993.

What has happened SINCE the great FDR plan has become a system that is so broken, so corrupt, that you almost want to scrap the whole thing and start fresh.

Yet this is where politicians, including the Obama administration, are failing us.

They are not forward looking in their thinking; they are looking back at this mess we call Social Security.

That’s wrong.

For the most part, 85% of all Americans have health care.

States that have the CHiP program in place are providing for children and families who cannot get coverage in other means.

If you are working as a temp worker, most agencies have a health insurance plan.

If you are gainfully employed, most likely either the company you have has coverage and it is coming out of your check or you can afford private coverage yourself.

So whom does that leave?

That 15% that I spoke about in that “quasi” social medicine program.

The solutions to bring quality health care to those 15% can be done with Obama’s program however a lot of tweaking will have to be done.

Yes the program is going to have to be able to provide comparable coverage that many others and I get in the private sector.

And yes it is going to be a tough sell.

But right now we have a system that needs to be fixed and somebody needs to come up with a smart answer to a decades old problem.

The health care bill shouldn’t be a problem but it is.

And the problem lies in how those in Washington are thinking about the solution.

The politicians have a great medical program and so do federal employees.

The military is getting their program back on track.

But there are 15% of Americans out there who are not in that part of the social medical program or who do not have the means to afford the type of coverage like I have from Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

That’s the 15% that the politicians need to focus on.

And they can do that by start thinking in a forward manner and not continue debates that are as old as time itself.


One response to “Because of our “quasi” socialized medical program, healthcare bill is flatlining

  1. Jackie Durkee

    Well, I’m not sure by your post if you think the healthcare bill will pass or not. However, I did like what you had to say.
    I’m writing a blog about it myself at However, I’m presenting the actual bill itself so people will know what it actually says. Let me know what you think.

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