Is the ‘Birther’ movement the next Joe McCarthy hearing in waiting?

Rep. John Campbell doesnt believe that president Barak Obama is American.

Rep. John Campbell doesn't believe that president Barak Obama is American.

By Gregory Moore

What do you remember or know about Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the infamous “McCarthy” hearings?

Do you know how they all started?

With fear of the unknown and conspiracy.

Sen. McCarthy used his power to investigate anyone who he thought was a Communist or communist supporter.

That included private citizens and public officials.

Now without going into great detail of that 1950s time, it is safe to say that Democrats were not safe from McCarthy’s wrath.

But can you imagine what would happen if a little known movement known as the Birthers were allowed to make solid ground in this country?

Lives and liberties would be at stake and everyone would become suspicious.

Think about this as you go through this hypothetical scenario.

Chicago assemblyman Louis Farezek has become quite affluent in his young entrepreneur career. The son of a Danish woman and South African linguist who works with the state department, Farezek has been able to save several small media networks and bring them onto a world stage that not only reaches millions but also provides jobs on a global stage.

As a junior assemblyman, Farezek helped shape several global business strategies that have empowered the government’s economy to not just be a global leader but innovator.

And so it was no surprise that him running for president of the country was on his mind.

As his popularity amongst the country grew, so did the charges of his birth.

Finally in a haphazardly hastened committee meeting, several key opponents of Farezek questioned where the young politician was born and whether or not he was a naturalized citizen.

And even when he produced a certified copy from the state department, that did not stop the rumors.

Ultimately the whole presidential campaign for the young man was irreparably derailed.

The whole scenario had Farezek asking how someone who is Caucasian be considered not an American; even when he was born in a US Embassy?

If you think that scenario is out there in left field; think again.

Replace Farazek with our president.

Replace the birth place of a US Embassy with the state of Hawaii.

Replace entrepreneur with lawyer and community organizer.

Replace the parents.

Now do you see the similarities?

That is what is happening now with this Birther movement that supposedly well respected journalists and talking heads like Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are backing.

It is the same type of witch hunt that McCarthy had that is being allowed now by such politicians like Congressman Mike Castle and Alan Keyes.

There are individuals, supposedly well educated individuals, who want to make this movement a reality.

For what?

So that we can have our birth certificates at the ready?

I don’t want to have to do that.

And neither should you.

However these ‘nut jobs’, as my friend Roland Rogers so eloquently put in his CNN commentary, are getting validity from mainstream media circles and that is just down right shameful.

Let me go back to the McCarthy era for a minute because what I see now in this ‘birther’ movement are things that I have read about in how McCarthy got his power.

McCarthy’s power came because he was an elected official; a senator.

Castle is a Republican.

Keyes is a Republican.

Rep. John Campbell is also a Republican.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sen. Joseph McCarthy was a Republican.

Need I say more about a party who has a problem with its fringe members?

What should be scaring the bejeezers out of everyone is the fact that if no one stops this movement in its tracks, these individuals who believe that the current president is not an American, is ineligible to be in office, will go after someone else who does not ‘look’ or ‘talk’ like them.

That means that if a Hispanic wants to run for office but he has parents who were from the ‘old’ country, that individual is going to be challenged on his or her legitimacy to be in this country.

If an Asian who is from parents who fled North Korea for a better life runs, he or she is going to be subjected even though they were born in the United States and speak no Korean whatsoever.

Basically ‘minorities’ are going to be ostracized and treated like second class citizens all because somebody in this movement questions their birth claim.

And this is the land of the free and home of the brave?

This is the great melting pot that immigrants almost died for decades ago so that their offspring and future generations can be Americans?

If Lou Dobbs, Limbaugh or anyone else who falling into this birther trap is reading this, do us all a favor; stop giving these people credence and hope.

No one should have to prove they are American; especially someone who has a different name, complexion or accent.

But it has already happened and it seems that guys like Dobbs and Limbaugh are not ashamed that the world sees a faction of the citizenry openly denounce our leader of the country.

We’re gonna call this what it is: the race or ethnic version of the McCarthy hearings.

Let’s don’t give birth to a foolish ideal that has been soundly rebuked and rebuffed over a year ago.


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