Sam Houston on life support because parents haven’t cared lately

Sam Houston High School in San Antonio, Texas is on the verge of being closed. Are the parents who didn't care the ultimate blame?

Sam Houston High School in San Antonio, Texas is on the verge of being closed. Are the parents who didn't care the ultimate blame?

By Gregory Moore

The other day I was going through my emails and I came across one from my high school alma mater. The email, from the school’s current principal, was requesting that I update my contact information for the upcoming school alumni directory that comes out every four to eight years.

About that same time, I received a phone call from the contracted publisher, verifying my information that I had already updated on the school’s website.

Now I’m a proud alumni of Roger Bacon High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Proud of what the school did for me.

Proud for what the school does for all of its students; both current and former.

When people ask me about my high school experience, I tell them it was good and I’m glad my parents pushed me there.

And I’m proud that my parents were involved too.

They went to PTA meetings when they could and they definitely were in my behind when I was off task.

Is there a chance of my high school shutting down?

Probably not.

After all the school has been around since the 1900s (1911 I think) and the alumni members help in whatever capacity the school asks of it.

Not all schools are fortunate though.

One school in San Antonio is on the brink of extinction and if it closes, the only people to blame are going to be the parents.

That school is Sam Houston High School in San Antonio, Texas.

I have heard people talk about how Sam Houston is the pride of the Eastside.

Let’s get real about what Sam Houston is in its current form.

Sam Houston has been named an academically unacceptable school in 2008 by the Texas Education Agency.

The school was academically acceptable in 2004 and 2007 but in 2005 and 2006, the school was academically unacceptable.

But this 2009 and in this year, Sam Houston is again academically unacceptable.

As a matter of fact, looking at the school district and the feeder schools that actually feed into Sam Houston, Davis Middle School is academically unacceptable this year and so is M.L. King Academy.

And people are wondering why the school district wants to close Sam Houston.

You want to know where the problem lies if this high school closes?

The parents.

Let me rephrase that for a minute; the parents who don’t give a damn.

For three schools, two middle schools and a high school, to be this bad is not the fault of the school board or the teachers and principals.

You fault the parents who don’t think they need to be in their kids behinds.

When the Texas Education Agency released the information, I was shocked and pissed off.

Shocked because Fox Tech was again named a recognized school by the state agency.

What is that? Two out of the last three or four years for the downtown campus?

Sam Houston has never had that type of achievement and yet people want to call it the pride of the Eastside.

What pride are they talking about?

The pride of the 1960s to 1980s when the band was the bomb and the athletic programs were strong?

Back then when a young student named Bernard Harris was attending? Or a Gary Green? A Michael Ward?

Back when the school wasn’t necessarily predominantly black but a young Kenneth Starr was a student back in the 1960s?

Of course if you do not remember any of those names I just mentioned and you went to Sam, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Bernard Harris is Dr. Bernard Harris, the first African American man to go up in space. Green is now the head coach of the football program and was an NFL defensive back. Ward is a renowned jazz violinist and Kenneth Starr was the man who gave then President Bill Clinton ulcers (remember Whitewater?).

They all graduated from Sam Houston High School and went on to great careers afterwards.

And there are many stories like theirs which can sum up the “pride of the Eastside” moniker but the parents of those individuals gave a damn.

The current parents these days don’t.

If your child is failing at Davis, King or Sam, and you don’t give a damn, then you are the very reason why this high school will be closing.

What’s truly sad about this problem is that as much as has been written about this pandemic of a problem, you don’t hear anyone on the “streets” trying to do something about it.

As I tell people, I don’t have kids but as part of a family business, I’m paying way too much taxes for parents of kids who are a bunch of malcontents and screw ups. And that includes the parents.

And if I’m paying that kind of money to the school district, imagine who else is paying.

As a tax payer, I’m not getting my money’s worth and neither is the rest of the Eastside community.

Parents who have kids going to these three schools should be raising a stink so bad that the Center for Disease Control should be called in.

The parents who are involved should be publicly calling out those parents who aren’t doing their jobs. Students who are doing something should be putting so much peer pressure on the screw ups in their class that they are too embarrassed to be a screw up any longer.

A community that says it cares, shouldn’t have to wait until an article in the daily newspaper or on a weekly news website or blog to tell them what to do and how to act.

It just should be happening.

But it isn’t and the people who give a damn are actually pretty damn tired of carrying the load now; myself included.

So if Sam Houston has to be closed down, it’s not going to be my fault.

Or the fault of the science teacher at Davis who tries to help her students.

Or the math teacher at King who only wants the best for his students.

I really can’t blame any teacher or principal.

Heck I can’t even blame board trustee/president James Howard or Dr. Robert Duron, the district’s superintendent.

If Sam Houston closes down, I am going to put the blame solely and squarely on the shoulders of those parents who never gave a damn about their kids or their future.

Ultimately, it’s their job to care about their kids and their educational progress.. It’s their job to make sure that their children is passing all necessary tests and stuff like that.

Not mine. Not the teachers.

Not the community.


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