It is up to every American to understand the importance of healthcare reform

The country deserves a better health care system that is for the citizens, not the rich fat cats of the insurance companies.

The country deserves a better health care system that is for the citizens, not the rich fat cats of the insurance companies.

By Gregory Moore

Whether you are a conservative, liberal or independent.

Whether you believe in what the current administration is doing or you disapprove, the one thing that you should do is get the REAL facts on the proposed health care legislation that will probably be passed by the end of this year.

That means don’t solely rely on a talking head show like Countdown, the O’Reilly Factor or Limbaugh.

Don’t let a news organization like MSNBC, FOX or CNN be your main source of ‘independent’ news facts.

You need to read everything you can get your hands on and that doesn’t necessarily mean looking it all up on Wikipedia either.

If you’re not an avid news junkie, you need to be.

When it comes to health care issues, this is serious business and we all need to really make sure that our elected officials are not being partisan jackasses on this.

I’ve never been one to believe in rumors and I hate anyone who tries to win an argument with malarkey that they have picked up off of TV or the radio.

To me that shows a lack of initiative to investigate the source or as we say in the news business, to vet the source. It is why I actually go find the legislation and try to read it for myself. It is why during the election I would go to websites like, and other non-partisan websites to find out information on the candidates and their proposals.

As a matter of fact I use quite a bit because I like how they investigate the important issues.

For example, Congressman Roy Blunt showed his age of senility when he said that if he were in either Canada or England, he couldn’t get a hip replacement at age 59.

If you click on this link, you can read where Blount is found out to flat out get his facts wrong on the issue.

By the same token Blount was 100% correct in that the Democrats couldn’t tell us how to pay for the health care reform bill.

Yeah that’s troubling and it should be but what is also troubling is not knowing what’s in the dog gone bill to begin with.

Which is why I urge everyone to go to this link from and then go to the links on the side.

We need health care reform.

Actually we probably needed it thirty years ago.

Reform isn’t popular in this country because it means change but if we as the American people DO NOT read about the issue from independent, non-partisan, sources, we will only be enabling those we elected in Washington to go right ahead and push something down our throat.

Let me say this for the record and for this blog entry.

I like 75% to 80% of what is proposed in the legislation but I would too see stronger programs and safeguards in place.

I’d like to see things like stronger enforcement for the DEA and FDA so that in states like Florida we don’t have the pill factories where both patients and junkies can get a script filled without seeing a doctor.

I’d like to see some strong electronic security issues in place that prevent the misuse of prescriptions.

I’d like for the government to find a way to bolster alternative medicine practices like the legalized marijuana use for cancer and other critically ill patients who deal with pain control issues.

I’d like to see the pre-existing practices that insurances use to be curtailed so that premiums are affordable.

But those are what I feel are important and are rarely discussed because everyone is so caught up in the minutia of rabble rousing and fast talk.

So here’s my plea: learn for yourself.

Educate yourself.

Get all the information you want before trying to say you hate a program or like it.

In other words let’s all get informed on this issue.

We all know that health care reform is inevitable and if there are ways to help get the current system fixed before a complete overhaul, that’s great.

If we have to foot an expense to completely overhaul it, then let’s at least make sure that what we are paying for isn’t a temporary patch but a complete program that is as bug free as possible.

We owe that too ourselves both now and in the future.


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