Laziness is why presidents are giving messages to kids these days

President Obama gave an encourage speech to the nation's kids today

President Obama gave an encourage speech to the nation's kids today

By Gregory Moore

For the past several days there has been a serious controversy about whether President Barack Obama should give a speech to the nation’s school children who started their first day of school today.

Many pundits, conservative voices and parents who have not agreed with many or all of the policies of the current administration decided last week that they thought it may be harmful for their children to listen to whatever the message may have been.

Many actually thought that the president may ‘indoctrinate” their children into some ideology of some sort.

Never mind that parents do that already with their children; indoctrinate that is.

Children do not have the free will to think on their own at a young age but are expected to be free thinkers later in life.

But the president’s speech wasn’t about a political ideology; it was about a parental ideology that many parents do not even tell their kids to follow.

And so when president Obama spoke on Tuesday about staying in school, there were still pundits who didn’t think he was being sincere, that he changed his message, etc., etc.

While all of that has been going on, there are several school districts around the country trying to get drop out rates reduced and to entice more students to take the SAT and ACT to go to college.

Across the state of Texas, there is an alarm being sounded about the education or lack there of many students in public schools and in some cities, schools are now on a closing list.

Why is that?

In a country where the American dream is the ability to get a good education so that you can get a good job so that you will be able to make your dream a reality, why is this country’s citizens falling behind others around the world in countries where many priviliges and rights we have here are not adhered too?

In one simple word it is laziness.

There are many parents who feel that it is the school’s job to not only educate their children but also RAISE their children.

There are PSAs being run on almost every radio and television station trying to get parents to read to or with their pre-k to elementary school age children.

There are career fairs at various schools that try to show kids what is out there for them if they get a good education and many of these fairs simply fall short because the kids do not look past what they may have at home.

PTA meetings are scare across the land too.

If there are 800 students a school, there should be at least 800 parents at these meetings but schools are lucky to get a tenth of that number from concerned parents.

And yet those parents who are not involved are usually the first ones to say that the school isn’t doing enough to help their children when they are failing classwork, tests and being held back from the next grade.

To compound an already difficult situation, we now have many in this country who decided that the president of the United States had no business telling their children and grandchildren to stay in school and yet these same parents and grandparents haven’t done a thing to help their kids to succeed.

If it is one thing they taught those children it was how to be lazy and blame everything on everyone else.

Which is why the president’s words were important for everyone to hear.

Personal responsibility should start the moment a child is old enough to walk, talk and go to the bathroom on his or her own.

Learning to read, write and problem solve is something they should be encouraged to do and held accountable when they are not up to task.

And if it takes someone like a president of this country to get that message across, parents should be welcoming it with open arms.

If parents want to see their children succeed, maybe those who are close minded need to open their mind and expand their own horizons first.

As one would say, a closed mouth won’t get fed.

And neither will a closed mind when it comes to opportunities that could await that person.


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