Romo and Garrett are the guys who you blame for this loss

Want to blame anyone? Try blaming Jason Garrett and Tony Romo for last weeks loss.

Want to blame anyone? Try blaming Jason Garrett and Tony Romo for last week's loss.

By Gregory Moore

If you were watching the Dallas Cowboys game Sunday, I’m sure your heart was either breaking, leaking or just giving you the burn from too many ribs and not enough fruit salad.

Monday night quarterbacking began on why the Cowboys lost to the Denver Broncos and everybody in the country (or at least Cowboy nation) has said everything from poor performances by the defense to blaming Jerry Jones for not keeping Terrell Owens.

The truth of the matter, and if everyone really wanted to hear the truth and not hear themselves talk, is that offensively this team sucks from top to bottom.

The top being Jason Garrett and the bottom being the decisions made by Garrett and Tony Romo and his teammates on the offensive side of the ball.

If you truly want to put the blame on somebody, that is where it begins and ends; with the team’s offense.

For the majority of the game, Dallas’ 3-4 defense held the Broncos to seven points until mid way through the fourth quarter. But look at the box score Cowboy fans? Do you see what I see? Goose eggs for 45 minutes from Romo and company.

Is that the defense’s fault?

More importantly is that Phillip’s fault?

Okay if you must put some blame on Phillips let’s go the route of why didn’t he yank Romo midway through the third quarter and insert Jon Kitna to “manage” the game?

But that’s just a token thrown in for those who want to blame the head coach.

The real blame goes to the fact that Garrett is clueless in play calling and Romo is inept at game management when it really counts; during the two minute drill.

Just for argument sake I’m gong to pick on the one play that illustrates why Romo should be benched next week. That play is the last play of fourth quarter when the Cowboys had the ball and were inside the five yard line of the Broncos.

Garrett calls an unwise formation near the goal line that has Sam Hurd running a slant in pattern against Champ Bailey.

The run the play once and Bailey defends it.

Now anybody who has ever coached a football team at any level knows at least two things down near the goal line: either we run the ball or we run a slant/fade pattern to the corner.

Here’s the problem; Garrett is clueless about that philosophy.

So the same darn play gets called again and Romo runs the same play with the same result.

Now here’s the things that irked me while sitting on my couch: where was Jason Whitten or Martellus Bennett?

Why didn’t Garrett basically go to a wishbone formation (full house) on second down and try to get Tarshard Choice or Marion Barber in the end zone?

Why not have Roy Williams in the line up to make the defense play honest and thus move Bailey to him and off of Hurd?

And if you weren’t thinking those thoughts then you weren’t paying attention to the game.

Doubt that what I’m thinking is true?

Then try this with Madden 10 and see if I’m not correct.

Set up a scenario between these two teams and try the different formations and personnel I described earlier from inside Denver’s three yard line with :30 to go.

I bet you score at least seven different times if you have a jumbo formation or at least a formation that forces the computer to come out of man coverage or the tight goal line coverage.

Garrett doesn’t see that on his play call sheet and he should.

Every play caller has that scenario on his card somewhere.

Heck I still have it on the one I used coaching Pop Warner football in 1995!

But that game is past us now and Kansas City is ahead of us.

What should Phillips do in this situation?

It’s simple.

Bench Romo….start Kitna.

That’s really it because Romo needs to see that he can be held accountable for bad game management when it really counts.

And in the last two minutes he really stank up the television screen.

So blame whoever you think needs to be blamed but be true to yourself and others.

Tony Romo and Jason Garrett have now cost this franchise two wins within a month’s time.

Can you as a Cowboy fan afford that type of ratio?

Heck can the guys who are getting paid millions of dollars afford it?


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