Fox News, administration are acting like three year olds

David Axelrod

David Axelrod

By Gregory Moore

The spat between the Obama administration and certain on air talent at Fox News have taken a he said/he said/she said issue to a whole different level; a time when nursery school antics were the norm in one’s life.

In one corner you have David Axelrod, Rham Emmanuel and other top admin officials are calling out the cable channel saying that it is not a news gathering organization.

In the other corner you have Glenn Beck, Sean Hanity, and others calling out the administration for each and every step it either takes or doesn’t take in day-to-day operations.

Let’s face it, the last thing any of us want to do is spend our Sunday morning listening to either side try to prove a point that is improvable.

And yet here we all are; the rest of America watching these two factions duke it out like it is the most important thing in this country.

Personally I’d like to flog all of them for being so-called highly educated and yet acting worse than BeBe’s children at Disneyland.

At least PeeWee knew when his diaper was full of poop and he would take it off.

These adults are stepping in poop every time they open their mouths and speak and both sides are just lying to this country.

How do I know?

Because their lips are moving.

I really would like be able to learn something from either side but all of this bickering has me watching other shows; and I’m a closet political junkie at heart.

In case neither side has noticed, the election was almost a year ago so the campaign rhetoric really needs to be put on the top shelf and we move on.

Look I’m passed the stance of give the new administration a chance.

They’re getting it and they need to quit listening to the magpies in the press corps and doe the task at hand.

I’m not saying be Draconian about the whole mess but stop giving commentators like Beck and Hanity what they want; attention.

By the same token FNC really needs to get its act in gear and get to the job of being a respectable news organization.

This country has enough reality based shows on the tube at any given night and for them to continually play up this feud as if it is more important than current events and/or issues shows a lack in programming.

I mean I can only take so much of Beck crying on the tube; seriously.

So why don’t both of these factions do us all a big favor; grow the [bleep] up.

Axelrod needs to worry more about trying to ensure if Dems can hold onto seats in 2010.

Emmanuel needs to be the chief of staff and tell advisors to stop speaking idiot speak and stay to the talking points.

As for Beck, Hanity and others at FNC?

Give us something that shows you really want this country to move forward from a journalistic standpoint.

If you’re fair and balanced, as you proclaim, then do the job that is expected of a news organization.

That task is to report the news; not make it.

But what are the chances of either side yielding to this premise?

Hold on I think that’s Olberman and Maddow on my line now.

They want to know when the real mud is going to start flying.

Guess I’m stuck to the usual of sports, food contests and mindless reality based shows that are more ‘realistic’ than the Sunday morning, evening line up on FNC and other cable news channels.

Oh well, back to Jon and Kate…..


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