It is time for the Chiefs to say adios to Larry the Insignificant

Larry Johnson has slandered his coach and a community in his tweets. Should he be let go by the Chiefs?

By Gregory Moore

Priest Holmes was a hell of a running back in his playing days.

Holmes, a native San Antonian, was also a consummate team player.

Whether he was the star running back in high school or just a cog in the success of the Longhorns at UT, Holmes never whimpered.

When he got into the NFL, he continued that success of being the consummate teammate because that turned him into being the consummate professional.

A Super Bowl ring and the all time leading rusher for the Kansas City Chiefs later, Holmes is enjoying the fruits of his hard work.

Too bad his former teammate in Kansas City didn’t ask how Holmes became successful.

Maybe that’s because Larry Johnson was too busy trying to grab the spotlight.

Well Larry the Magnificent (in his eyes and maybe that of his family) is more known for Larry the Insignificant these days.

Well in the past few days he’s become Larry the Slur Monger.

The skinny is that Johnson is around 77 yards short of breaking Holmes’ all time rushing record and he’s a little pissed off at how he’s being utilized in first year head coach Todd Haley’s scheme.

He’s so pissed off in fact that he tweeted the following after San Diego laid the wood to him and his teammates on Sunday.

“My father played for the coach from ‘rememeber the titans’. Our coach played golf. My father played for redskins briefley. Our coach. Nuthn.”

Larry the Insignificant must have not paid too much attention at Penn State in class either.

Evidently his writing skills are like his running style these days; subpar and non-existent.

It also shows the kind of person “LS” is these days.

He enjoys belittling people and taunting individuals.

Oh and while he’s at it, he enjoys dehumanizing people of alternative lifestyles too.

And what does his agent do?

Like the puppet that some agents are, he makes excuses for his clients.

And so General Manager Scott Pioli and Haley have this malcontent of a player who used to be a decent running back sulking about his use in an offense that has been overturned from seasons past.

What does Haley do?

He tries to be politically correct.

“How our players conduct themselves with and through the media in a public setting is very important to us as an organization.”

Ummm news flash Haley; Johnson doesn’t give a flying leap about protocol.

And so the Chiefs now have to deal with a guy who is more worried about his legacy rather than the team’s overall performance.

I can see why Herm Edwards wasn’t effective and why truly big name coaches, like a Mike Shanahan or Jon Gruden, didn’t want to touch this franchise.

The Hunt family may have done well bringing in two guys who are about winning but the franchise as a whole is flunking the test of ensuring that a legacy is truly being revered. In this case the legacy of star running backs who were pillars both in and outside of the locker room.

When fans think of some of the great Chiefs’ running backs, usually two names come into play. One is the Nigerian Nightmare, Christian Okoye. The other is Holmes.

The current running back is nowhere near the caliber of integrity that the other two are and it is time for the Chiefs to jettison him and his baggage.

Larry the Insignificant needs to become Larry the former Chief running back.

This latest incident is an embarrassment to a classy organization and legacy of Lamar Hunt; a legacy that should e a shining example of what a family business is all about.

Johnson doesn’t want to be a part of the family like Okoye and Holmes still are.

So say ‘adios’ to him and send him packing.

For the betterment of the current team, coaches and fan base, the Hunt family needs to back Pioli and Haley by saying, “we’ll get another running back, let this one go.”

Let Larry the Insignificant become Larry the Has Been for all that are concerned.


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