Bad things happen sometimes when parental involvement is lacking or non-existent

By Gregory Moore

Two weekends ago, a 15-year-old high school girl was brutally raped and beaten outside the gym doors of Richmond High School in Richmond, CA by a group of young men.

Over the past weekend, a DePaul student by the name of Francisco Valencia was gunned down by an uninvited guest at a Halloween Party in Chicago.

About three weeks ago, Connecticut football player Jasper Howard was stabbed at an on campus party by one individual who is in custody but Christopher Mutchler, 18, of Wethersfield, Connecticut, was charged with five counts, including hindering prosecution, threatening and an act of terrorism, UConn police and Connecticut State Police said in a joint news release.

There are other acts of violence that has happened within a six month time span that involves a teen ager or young person becoming the victim behind the actions of one or several of their peers.  In the wake of the Richmond High School incident, five young men, ranging from 15 years of age to 21 years old, have been charged with various crimes including rape but the police there are searching for more which may include those bystanders who did nothing to help that young student.

In the case of Howard’s shooting, two people arrested in the stabbing of Howard were arraigned in Rockville Superior Court. John William Lomax III, 21, is charged with murder while his friend and co-worker, 20-year-old Hakim Muhammad, is charged with conspiracy to commit assault.

The DePaul case is still ongoing but it too is troubling to many; as well as it and all of these crimes should be.

But what should equally be troubling is the lack of involvement of the parents of the perpetrators of these crimes; especially in the Richmond case.

If you’re angry about this case, you need to be.

If you’re a parent who is involved in their kids’ lives, here is your teachable moment why you are so meddlesome. If you’re not or you want to be your child’s best friend because your own parents were so strict, then op/ed needs to be your wake up call to get your ish together before its too late.

There is absolutely no excuse for a parent to not be involved in his or her child’s life.

No matter how busy you may be at work or how hectic your schedule may be, your child needs you to be on top of them, giving them guidance to do the right thing and, if necessary, be the bulldog that tells them “no” when they want to do something that you know is wrong; no matter how innocent it may be.

There are several things wrong with the Richmond case but the biggest issue is the fact that parental involvement at that school doesn’t exist.

How do I know that from over here in San Antonio, Texas?

Because it’s mentioned in the Oakland Tribune about how there was a lack of parental supervision at that high school’s dance but yet just across town and in other neighborhoods, there were dances being held at the same time and parents were there AND no reports of violent incidents were found.

The excuse that many will use will be that Richmond is a poor city with a high crime rate.

Bull chips.

How about the fact that there are parents in that city, who live in the neighorhoods serviced by that school who don’t give a crap….period.

Why should we sugar coat the fact that some people have no business being parents because they simply do not know what it is to be a good person from the beginning.

How else can a person raise a young man to disrespect a woman or young lady as if she is simply a sexual toy for their own pleasure.

Where were the parents of Cody Ray Smith, 15; Ari Morales, 16; Marcelles Peter, 17; and Manuel Ortega, 19, when all of this went down on October 24, 2009?.

Have the parents of Jose Carlos Montano, 18, fully understood what their son has done and why the district attorney there has basically said he is the the main culprit in this case?

But more importantly why haven’t parents who have let their kids become ‘Latch Key” children, come forth and said, “I am partially the blame for not supervising my own child”?

Because that would mean admitting that they failed not only their own children but that of an innocent young lady who is scarred for life.

If there was a way to charge these boys’ parents with child neglect, endangerment or something of that magnitude once their kids’ charges stick in court, that would be a good thing.

Maybe if those neglectful parents were facing some serious charges of their own, they would probably be more cognizant of what is going on inside of their homes.

It is time that parents stop trying to be their kids’ best friend and start putting a foot up their collective asses on “GP” or general principle conditions.

For the parents who are out there doing what is necessary to raise their children up to be responsible, my hat is off to you.

But to the few bad apple parents out there thinking they have the perfect little angels who are constantly in trouble, it is time to wise up before it’s too late.

If you think you’re little angel isn’t capable of such devious actions, maybe you might want to try and talk to the parents of Jasper Howard, or of the fifteen year old rape victim.

Maybe that will sober you up into realizing what the rest of us already know; teens of today need more guidance now than ever.


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