It’s the lack of swagger that is killing ‘America’s Team’ more than anything else

Cowboys' fans only wish Tony Romo had this kind of fire for 60 minutes.

By Gregory Moore

Being a sports fan can be a painful experience.

It can be a costly one too if you’re not careful.

But being a Dallas Cowboys’ fan is something else altogether; especially during this time of the year.

Once again we Cowboys fans are in the month of December and we are just waiting for the end of our world as we know it.

And of course that usually comes with various other fans ready to pile on, trash talk and what not.

I’ve never been one to listen to the trash talkers all that much; especially those who have become fans of the ‘sexy’ teams.

You know who you are.

You’re the fans of the 2009 New Orleans Saints or of the Indianapolis Colts.

Last year you were fans of the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I call them the ‘sexy’ fans because they want to look pretty at all times.

And I don’t pay attention to them because unlike diehard fans of the afore mentioned teams, these ‘sexy’ fans don’t know anything about trials, tribulations and the aches and pains that go with watching your team go from middle of the pack to stellar; especially overnight.

Don’t believe me?

Talk to a New York Giants fan and see what he or she says.

But the demise of Cowboy nation goes beyond even that conversation from a Giant fan.

It goes beyond the ramification of another disappointing December.

What Cowboy nation is facing is a sickness that Jerry Jones does not want to cure and that’s a big problem from this side of the fence.

What is this sickness?

Swagger. Or in this case, the lack there of.

What is swagger?

The easiest way to pinpoint it is to refer you to the documentary recently aired on ESPN about the University of Miami.

For you to understand it, let me reference you to the Cowboys of the early 1990s when they won three titles in five years.

Heck let me point you to yesterday’s game against the San Diego Chargers.

And point you to the Sunday night game between the Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles.

You want swagger?

That’s swagger.

And guess what? It has nothing to do with the head coach.

Not one iota.

But it has everything to do with the guys who strap on the shoulder pads, check their hip pads and puts his mouthpiece in.

Swagger is an attitude of we will win because we said so.

And there’s only a few teams who get that message.

The Saints definitely got it for this year.

The Colts have always had it.

The Eagles have found it again.

And the Chargers not only have found it but also keep it; even when they suck.

But the Cowboys?

Nope. Nada. Doesn’t exist.

Can I blame Tony Romo for not having it?

Probably but then again did he ever have it to begin with?

Probably not.

(Side note….John Kitna has swagger…trust me)

Can I put the blame on his teammates?

Yep and we all should.

Every man on that roster who has a jersey needs to be held accountable for not having swagger because that is why this team doesn’t win in December.

Let me equate ‘swagger’ to something else; passion.

That is what is truly missing with this team.

When I look at clips of yesterday’s game and look at the two sidelines, I see passion from the Chargers; I don’t see that from the Cowboys.

To win in the NFL you have to be passionate; not just talented.

Talent gets you to eight wins people.

Passion gets you to ten or eleven wins.

Swagger will get you a first round bye and possibly further.

How do I know that?

Because look at every team that has been successful in sports and you will see that winning formula somewhere.

It’s what made the 1985 Bears do the Super Bowl Shuffle.

It’s what got the Indianapolis Colts a title.

It’s what got the Cardinals a Super Bowl appearance.

You don’t have to be a talent-laden team to be a success.

Sometimes you just have to believe that it can be done.

But the Cowboys of late don’t even have that fire to do that right now.

To say that the sense of urgency is now is horse poop.

The sense of urgency was five weeks ago when this team was putting on an impressive string of wins.

Because this team doesn’t believe in itself.

Because they don’t think they can get it done.

They can’t muster even the desire and passion to go out and win the rest of the games on their schedule.

If they could, they would have won yesterday.

If they believed, they would have won two weeks ago and still be in first place.

But they can’t and most likely they probably won’t.

And for that lack of swagger, Cowboy nation is going to spiral a few more notches down the road of despair.

As a Cowboys fan I can take a loss.

But a lack off desire and effort is something I can’t stand.

I really can’t blame any one person so how about I blame the organization itself.

Because like the ‘sexy’ fans of the sexy teams, this organization is only looking at how to salvage their image for the now.

Great teams don’t give a crap about image.

Their passion to win, their desire to be great takes care of that task.

In other words, their swagger does what their talent won’t at times; win.

And that is something this Cowboys organization has been lacking for some time.


One response to “It’s the lack of swagger that is killing ‘America’s Team’ more than anything else

  1. Very interesting article Greg. I say this as a Louisiana native who lives in San Antonio and as a 20+ year fan of the New Orleans Saints. I think the trash talking and insults pile on Dallas Cowboys fans because we (non-Cowboys fans in San Antonio) are forced to endure at the start of every season endless chatter about how the ‘Boys are goin’ to the Super Bowl.’ We hear this literally EVERY year regardless if the team has all the right pieces of the puzzle in place or not. I’m not saying you do this Greg, but there are a lot of Cowboys fans in the Alamo City who trash talk basically every team in the league that’s not sporting a Blue Star on its helmet. What happens is that by this time of year when *ahem* things don’t work out as planned, Cowboys fans receive their comeuppance for all the bragging and boasting they’ve done before their team has officially earned it. Don’t get me wrong, if the Cowboys are having a season where they are putting their NFC East rivals (Eagles, Giants, etc.) over their knees and laying the big smack down on these players’ collective backsides, then it’s time to have a little swagger. But if not, might wanna hold off on poppin’ the bottles of champagne.

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