It’s time for Time Warner to step up and treat its customers with respect

By Gregory Moore

Okay class, raise your hands.

How many of you saw the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Dallas Cowboys at home?

How many of you had to leave your homes and watch the game in an establishment and pay for over priced beer and wings to see the game?

If you are the latter and not the former, or if you were like me and decided to go to a place where you knew the game was on even though the Gregg Popovich got his 700th victory in the NBA, that probably means you are a Time Warner customer.

Let’s face it; Time Warner doesn’t care about its customers.

The company that decided to engulf a lesser tech company in AOL and pay way too much for Turner’s broadcasting empire, would rather stick to it’s misguided principles rather than use it’s business acumen in this battle between it and the NFL.

The argument doesn’t make sense to any of us anymore.

It used to be that the NFL Network should be on a sports tier and charged extra but if you are a TW customer, don’t you have two or more services? Isn’t your bill already like, $100 a month or so?

So the question should be asked of Time Warner, if the average customer is paying $100 or more a month, why WON’T you put the NFL network on a former channel that you use to use in your basic package?

Locally that channel could be Channel 14; the former home of HBO.

Now besides the channel being right before CTSA and before any of you start with how American men pretty much look at the NFL in religious references, the channel placement would be perfect.

TBS is channel 12. The local affiliate is channel 13.

Why not go with swapping those two channels around and then placing the NFL Network right after channel 13, the new home of TBS?

Want the answer?

Because Time Warner is more in kinship to Ebenezer Scrooge and even Scrooge would chastise them for being so darn cheap and petty.

In the meantime, thousands of Time Warner customers had to spend extra money SOMEWHERE to go and watch a game that should be on a network’s basic tier.

And TW wonders why the satellite folk and other smaller cable companies who have no problem putting the network on a basic tier of some sort are hammering its market share.

But if any of us thinks Time Warner will actually pay us customers any attention, forget about it.

There’s a better chance that Snooky from the Jersey Shores actually knows that Omar Khadafy IS NOT Lionel Richie (and vice versa) than for TW to wake up, say its sorry and remedy a situation before it’s too late.


Speaking of the Cowboys game, in the words of that coach from the U, “How bout them Cowboys!!???”

Okay I’m joining the rest of the naysayers and looking for my share of crow.

Yeah I was a doubter too even though I trash talked my way into numerous verbal exchanges.

I am a fan of the team, a long time fan, but I had my doubts too.

I counted them out.

Had no confidence in them.

But I wasn’t bashing Tony Romo unlike so many other people I know.

From a local sports caster who thought Romo was still the problem to the average Romo hater, when the Cowboys lost, the blame was on him.

In some instances they were correct but not in the past five weeks they haven’t been.

In reality not even this season.

Romo was a game manager who put his team in a position to win.

It was other parts of the team that let him, and us fans, down.

One week it was special teams.

One week it was the defense.

In some weeks it was parts of the offense.

Well it’s been more of special teams, namely the darn kicker, than it has been the defense or any other part of the team.

But it hasn’t been Romo and especially after Saturday, Romo haters may need to find something else to throw rocks at.

Of course this will all change if the team goes into Washington and stinks it up royally.

But then again, do we blame the quarterback for that one or do we blame the head coach?

Hmmmm….stay tuned on that one.


Hats off to San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich for nabbing his 700th victory Saturday night against the pesky Indiana Pacers.

The game shouldn’t have been that close but the end result is note worthy to say the least.

For Pop to reach 700 means he has accomplished something in a city where people still remember George Gervin as one of the greatest NBA players.

Pop is the franchise’s all time winningest head coach and that didn’t come by accident.

The memory of a 20-62 season in 1996 still reverberates in my head because the season prior the team went 62-20.

Now granted, David Robinson ended up having a leg injury in the 95-96 season but shortly after Bob Hill was fired, Pop and R.C. Buford started working on something that was as far fetched as the Spurs getting out of the first round of the playoffs; becoming an elite team in a league where small markets are frowned upon.

Pop brought sexy back to the small town market and has been instrumental in keeping the Alamo City in the limelight of the sports world this time of year.

Reaching that 700th victory simply solidified his own resume about how good of a coach he is and that’s nothing sneeze at.

Good teams are going to hit bumps in the road.

Just ask the New England Patriots about that.

But to be in a town where sports history is made at a time when other things are going on should mean something to all of us.

So congrats Pop on number 700.

Your Hall of Fame jacket is all but waiting on you as you continue to push the team to success.


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