Even with the passage of the bill, healthcare is pretty affordable if you want it

You'd be surprised at how inexpensive health insurance is for many Americans.

By Gregory Moore

I wanted to share a personal story about why healthcare is affordable now even though some may look at it as a sacrifice.

Insurance in general is about securing and protecting your future.

Everyone in this country who is able bodied should have life insurance to protect their loved ones from the high costs of a burial service yet each and every day I have seen families be financially inept at paying for such services because they didn’t believe in having an adequate life insurance policy.

Everyone who owns and operates a motorized vehicle should have appropriate insurance and yet we all know that in this country there are individuals who do not have such coverage and it is a state law in all 50 states to have it. Rarely is anyone held accountable because it’s a state law/mandate and not a federal one; something that really should be a federal law because it protects the citizens.

Health insurance is in the same harbor as well and the reason why most people who don’t have it blame their finances, or lack there of, as to why they don’t have it. They are expecting their employers to foot the bill; not them.

So when the Senate passed their version of the healthcare reform bill earlier this Christmas Eve, I thought about sharing my story with the world because it is that important and it was time that real people showed others who had doubts as to why the passage is important in the future but that right now they could have their own healthcare coverage before the new year gets here.

So I wanted to share a piece of my life with you on the matter and try to help you see why it is affordable; even with some issues you may be facing.

As of this writing, I have health insurance that I personally pay for out of my paycheck.

My premium is $142 a month and will be going up to $162 a month in February of next year.

Am I worried?


My coverage is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage called the Select Saver 75/60 plan and it covers a great deal for me including vision and dental services along with the usual medical procedures.

My deductible, should I need to have a major type of medical procedure is $1,500 within the network; $3,000 outside.

Now you may say, ‘Greg, that’s an awfully high deductible. Can you afford it?”

The question is how could I not afford it.

Even at 43 years of age, I was able to find myself a plan that I could afford.

$162 a month breaks down to $37.41 a week or basically $5.35 a day.

Do you know what you do with $5.35 a day?

Gas? Ice cream? Pack of smokes?

Yes that’s how affordable it could be for some people if they really wanted health insurance.

For about $40 a week you could be covered and putting another $40 a week away for the deductible but so many individuals do NOT want to take the initiative and get coverage for themselves or their families; especially during this time of the year.

Let’s be honest about our expenditures for a moment.

Christmas is a day a way and how much have you spent on gifts?

For some families we are talking about a grand or more easy.

We all want the new electronic toys, cell phones, and cars but have we even thought about how much money is being wasted on some frivolities that none of us really need?

Probably not.

Yet how many think forcing you to have health care coverage is wrong and that government shouldn’t be in the enforcement business?

Now are you raising your hand in front of a brand new computer that you just bought because you had to have it and there was nothing wrong with your old computer that you bought just twelve months ago?

I am going to go out on a limb and say that there are some things that the government should be enforcing and one of those items is everyone should have insurances of various kinds; at least in the auto realm.

Health and life insurance may not need to be heavily enforced but a mandate needs to be in place because what we are talking about is the protection and security of not just yourself but those around you.

Ask yourself the following questions and see if you couldn’t afford your own health care coverage either six months ago or in the near future.

Do you spend more than $40 bucks a week on what is considered a want in your daily existence?

Are you spending at least $200 a month on ‘entertainment’ for yourself?

If the answer is yes to either one or both of the questions, maybe you should be prioritizing how spending habits and look into protecting yourself and/or your family.

The reason why we are at this stage where the federal government is about to impose something on us is because we do a piss poor job at taking care of our necessities.

I’ll be the first to admit that it takes a major sacrifice of some sort to afford health care insurance and I realize that not everyone can do what I do, just take it right out of expendable income. And maybe that is why we need the government to pass that legislative piece; to help those who need that extra help.

But the rest of us who spend money like its water, who love going on gambling junkets, smoke fine cigars, drink great whiskey, etc., we don’t have an excuse.

We can afford coverage.

We don’t have any excuse.

So this year, do something about it.

Give a gift that will be more precious to your loved ones than the new fangled toy; the gift of knowing that their medical emergencies will not be a financial strain if something should happen.

You’d be surprised at how ‘inexpensive’ the coverage is over the long run.


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