Concussions shouldn’t be something to joke about at any level

Concussions are serious business and shouldn't be a joking matter.

By Gregory Moore

Concussions or traumatic head trauma is a topic in the sports world that has gotten a lot of attention over the past few months and deservedly so.

With today’s football players being stronger and faster, the collisions these players take is quite explosive in force.

But what is also very evident is the fact that the medical science world is beginning to realize that the human brain is a lot more delicate and that players should not be rushed back onto the field until all neurological and physical symptoms from these injuries are 100% removed from the player.

These types of ‘injuries’ is so serious that right now Texas Tech has suspended Mike Leach for this weekend’s bowl game in San Antonio because he has mistreated a player who was suffering from a concussion injury.

This injury is so serious that the NFL has taken an unprecedented step in basically protecting the player from himself so that he has a life after football longevity that is positive.

Some fans and old schoolers may think this is a bunch of malarkey but when you are talking about your brain, the best advice anyone could give is play it safe and err on the side of caution and wellness for the long term; not the immediate gratification of today.

So when I see comments from readers about the Texas Tech incident or when I see a fan post somewhere calling a player who suffered this type of injury soft, I start to question that poster or fan’s own inner toughness and common sensibilities.

Are they really that insensitive to this situation or are they just that moronic in nature?

Nevertheless as a fan of the game of football, I don’t want to see anyone suffer post concussive syndrome symptoms because they didn’t want to be a punk about it.

When it comes to your brain and your head, be a punk with a capital P if you must.

If you ask any former player who suffers from concussions now, they will probably tell you they wished they had been punks about it then; especially if that meant that they didn’t have headaches the like that come from taking one too many shots to the head.


Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather’s camp is saying that Manny Paciao is scared to fight their fighter.

Yeah right.

How about that Golden Boy Productions is being girly about getting embarrassed because Pretty Boy isn’t up to snuff and in shape.

If you haven’t heard, the fight is in jeopardy of not happening.

By the way, the fight is March 13, 2010 and today’s date is December 29, 2009.

The two sides haven’t agreed on a venue.

They haven’t agreed on dope testing.

Heck I don’t think they have even agreed that the two fighters will actually show up.

In what was thought to be a great matchup for sports fans in general and boxing fans in particular has become the side circus show that many of us come to expect from the sport of boxing.

I thought Don King Promotions didn’t have anything to do with this fight?

Is the Ringling Bros. circus going to be in Vegas the same time the fight should be taking place?

No matter how you look at it, this fight is now a hot mess to near cataclysmic ghetto proportions.

We might as well call up Flava Flav and Coolio now and have a side bout.

Anyone got the number to Butterbean and Danny Bonaducchi?

In any case, whatever interest I had in the fight has gone out the window the moment Oscar’s talking puppets said that they didn’t want to hold the fight at Jerryworld (aka Cowboy stadium in Arlington).

I’m sorry but maybe Oscar forgot that everything is big in Texas; especially that stadium.

It’s why the NBA All Star game will be there.

Why the 2011 Super Bowl will be there.

The men’s NCAA Final Four and a few other events.

And the place is below their standards?

Oscar is smoking them twigs again peeps but it’s what I expect from someone who hasn’t won a decent fight in a decade or so.

When’s the next UFC fight?

Maybe that will be worth watching instead of this mess now.


Okay Cowboys’ fans we’re out of the month of December with a 2-2 record.

Should Farmer Wade leave the Ranch in the Valley or should he stay?

After seeing how well this team has played for the month, I say he needs to be given another chance next season.

If I had Jerry Jones’ ear, that is what I would tell him.

But I’d get rid of Jason Garrett.

The defense had never really been the issue with this team and we all know that Phillips is a 3-4 mastermind (why do you think San Diego has kept the his foundation in place?) but the play calling on the offensive side of the ball shows that Garrett isn’t communicating with his staff.

If Marion Barber cannot pick up a first down in short yard situations, I start blaming the offensive line coach for that problem.

Ultimately I blame Garrett for that problem because that is his problem; not Wade’s.

As a head coach, Phillips has done what has been asked of him.

For the most part of his three-year stint, his team has done exceptionally well in the regular season.

But the post season is where the money is earned and yes, his teams have faltered. But can I put the blame squarely on him?

And so I start looking at Garrett and start scratching my head.

Here is a guy who is making more money than the head guy and yet he doesn’t get it; he has weapons at his disposal and they are not named Marion and Roy.

If Barber can’t bust a gut up the middle; bench him.

If Roy can’t be more productive with the opportunities given; sit him.

Phillips is the good cop people. The bad cops are the assistant coaches and offensive coordinator.

But we’ll see how this plays out in the next two weeks.

Maybe what we will see is a Cowboys team that wants to get better with Phillips at the helm and maybe what Jerry will do is tell Garrett to either be a man and do what’s best for this offense or he will get someone in like a Maurice Carthon, Mike Marks, etc.


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