Arenas’ problem is like so many other stars’ issues; they just don’t grasp how real reality is

Gilbert Arenas may have taken his last media photo for the Wizards (NBAE photos)

By Gregory Moore

The Internet can be a daunting thing.

Or in Gilbert Arenas’ case, a dangerous one.

Those of us who have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and any other social networking thingamajig understand one thing about such mediums; they aren’t for the faint at heart.

So when Arenas gleefully started tweeting how he didn’t do anything wrong a while back, I guess he forgot that maybe some folk would be reading his tweets.

And when he decided to use his fingers as six shooters in Philly a few days ago, evidently he didn’t realize that the news media uses the Internet to grab photos for stories.

Oops….he done did it again.

But here’s what the prankstatic ball player from Oakland failed to realize about his life; it’s surreal, not real, in some regards.

But thankfully David Stern was there to bring him back to reality and of course as many may have suspected, Agent Zero was told to not report to HQ anytime soon in DC.

Hey Gilbert, how’s that Black Rushmore thing working for ya now?

What happened to Arenas has happened to a lot of sports athletes in this millennium.

Because this country loves celebrities and will read anything and everything about them, it has put these individuals up on pedestals that probably never should have been constructed in the first place.

Let’s go back to something biblical about idol worship shall we?

In the Bible, the Jewish people melted all of their gold and constructed a golden calf while Moses was up conversing with the Big Guy.

Ironic that during this conference meeting, God was giving Moses the Ten Commandments and one of them was “Thou shall not worship any other god but me.”

In other words, false idolatry was forbidden.

Tell that to the sports worshippers will ya?

In all seriousness, we shouldn’t expect sports athletes, or celebrities for that matter, to have moral scruples. It’s just not logical and reasonable.

Why should we care what these people do?

Probably because they are human beings and we expect our human race to at least act with some sort of moral compass.

Yet the problem with that understanding is that far too many guys like Arenas don’t subscribe to that school of thought.

Let me run down the list for you of guys who don’t get it by their actions:

Gilbert Arenas

Kobe Bryant

Tiger Woods

Jayson Williams (former NBA player)

Adam Jones

Dewayne Carter (aka Li’l Wayne)

Mark McGwire

Sammy Sosa

Reggie Bush

OJ Mayo

Tyler Smith

I’m sure there are others out there but those are the ones I could come up with pretty quickly

Each and every person mentioned has done something that was either legally or morally wrong in the past decade and many were looking at the fact that they were well known athletes as their ticket to either preferential treatment or complete exoneration.

And there lies the problem with many of these athletes who find themselves in some sort of trouble; they assume their celebrity status is their get out of jail free card.

Whose fault is this?

Us, the sports nation.

Who can stop this madness?

Us, the sports nation.

It was the D.C. sports nation, along with a big dose of assistance from the Washington Wizards, who should have taken away all of Gilbert’s toys months or even years ago.

Somebody should have stood up to him and if he didn’t stop, embarrass the hell out of him so that he got the message.

And that’s also the other problem.

The sports nation hates being the bad cop; we don’t like to doll out punishment right now.

We’d rather wait until later and then lament about the situation.

But that’s not reality; not the way it should be anyway.

What should have happened long before the presence of guns on December 21st was that the Wizards organization should have sent Arenas and his little known teammate home on suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.

They didn’t do that and of course here we all are talking about that subsequent issue and why guys like him don’t get the fact that they are privileged to be doing what they are doing.

Well maybe they could if reality bit them in the ass on more than just an occasion or two.

Maybe if these guys were dealing with reality like the rest of us do, we wouldn’t have these issues pop up every few days or so.

But then again what the heck do I know?

I’m trying to put a realistic solution in play on a surrealistic part of life that is more fantasy than a TLC special.


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