In the end, Cowboy fan let down Cowboy Girlfriend by turning his back on her

Cowboy Girlfriend and I are okay this morning. 12-6 shows serious potential into being something better next season.

By Gregory Moore

Do you remember the movie, “Major League”?

If you don’t, let me kind of refresh your memory a bit about the premise of the movie.

Tom Berringer plays Jake, a washed up catcher with two bad knees who is the vocal leader of a bunch of misfits playing in Cleveland.

Yes they are the Cleveland Indians in the movie.

Charlie Sheen is the upstart pitcher that the owner gets from the penal system. “Wild Thing” as he’s referred to because his pitching control is, well, wild, ends up being on the of unsung heroes.

So does Wesley Snipes’ character, Willie Mays Hayes.

For the sake of this column, this group of actors are the symbolism to the Dallas Cowboys of 2009.

Now Jerry Jones isn’t as bad of an owner as the fictional Rachel Phelps; he truly loves his team and wants to make money at the same time.

But there is one actor who symbolizes pretty much how the fan base of the Cowboys acted.

This one actor symbolizes how the majority of the columnists acted when covering the team this season.

That actor is Randy Quaid who played the non-believing Indians fan.

Guess what, Cowboy fan was Quaid’s character and we treated this team like a lover who always had to prove her love to us.

Just like in the movie.

Sure the 34-3 loss to the Minnesota Vikings stings but let’s be honest about this for a minute.

Did you really think this team was Big Game bound?

If you still believe that then you need to check yourself into the Betty Ford Clinic.

Let’s recap the season shall we?

Just seven weeks ago, this team lost a heartbreaker to the San Diego Chargers, 20-17 and the following week every columnist, talking head and sports pundit pretty much wrote this team off.

A local sports caster went on a local sports talk show and said that the team wouldn’t win another game all season.

Just about every Cowboys fan in the Alamo City was thinking our favorite team was going to be a disappointing 8-8 and that Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett and Tony Romo needed to get on their ponies and ride anywhere; just not park those horses in the Metroxplex.

Remember that week Cowboy fan?

Then something miraculous happened in New Orleans; the Cowboys knocked off an undefeated team.

A shocking win but still there were people saying this team wouldn’t make the playoffs.

Then they went on to win the next two games against division rivals Washington and Philadelphia. Not only did they win impressively, but they also clinched the division title.

But there were still fans, and media types, who said they weren’t going to beat Philadelphia again but six days later, they sent the Eagles back to Philly for good.

Then something funny happened on their way to Minneapolis; the fan base started believing.

All of a sudden many of us where thinking, “Miami baby!!!!”

Yeah I’m included in all of that but you know what? I was hoping to get a rematch against the New Orleans Saints but I was perfectly happy seeing Donovan McNabb and company sent packing.

For me, I was as happy as kid who loves cake.

Cowboys girlfriend and me were okay.

We’re still okay this morning.

But from listening to all the fans calling in to the morning sports talk show and reading messages on Facebook, there are others who are ready to kick her to the curb and that’s wrong.

She fulfilled her duties this season.

We didn’t.

If you are truly a fan of this team and truly understand the process of having a playoff contender, then you realize that in order to get to the brass ring, you have to stumble a bit as you master that process.

Do you think the Saints just lucked into the NFC championship?


They were there three years ago.

The Vikings actually made it to the playoffs last year folks and Father Time was playing for the Jets.

Sometimes things just happen to let you know that maybe this wasn’t your year.

In the case of the Cowboys, they have some playoff maturity to master and there is nothing wrong with that.

But most that make up Cowboy Fan don’t see it that way and that’s wrong.

Look at what was accomplished in three short weeks.

This team won a playoff game in their new stadium and they got over their December lossless phobia.

They pitched back to back shut outs against two division rivals; something that has never been done in that franchise’s history and a rare feat in the league itself.

More importantly this team showed that given another season with them players, they could do some serious damage.

Did Cowboy Girlfriend sell us, Cowboy Fan, a false sense of security and hope?


We did that to ourselves.

At the end of Major League, the Indians go into a one game play off with their arch nemesis in order to get into the playoffs and when they win that game, Quaid tells his friends, “See I told you they could go all the way”.

That was us folks.

And like Quaid, we let ourselves get so delusional that we forgot that maybe this team was as good as they can be under the circumstances of trying to still find themselves.

In the end, we let Cowboy Girlfriend down; not the other way around.

So apologize Cowboy Fan, buy Cowboy Girlfriend her favorite drink today and start planning for next year.

It’s the right, and decent, thing to do under the circumstances because in reality, she did exactly what she was supposed to do and that was to give us all hope for a better team next year.


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