When Tiger speaks, will it be Eldrick or his public persona asking the public for forgiveness?

Can the Woods family be happier once the press conference passes?

By Gregory Moore

Tomorrow the world’s most recognizable golfer will speak at TPC Sawgrass and all of us, yes all of us, will be waiting with baited breath.

We haven’t seen him since that late night rendezvous with one of his clubs swinging near his temple.

We haven’t heard from him or his family since his wife was asking for help.

On that night, this man tried to get away from an enraged woman and his whole world came tumbling down near his SUV.

Granted it was his fault and his alone.

Agreed that being in the public eye makes you a target to every pontificator on the planet.

And yes he did apologize on his website for his transgressions.

But that’s not what we the public want.

We want a sincere apology and supposedly tomorrow we will get our wish.

For we the public loves mea culpa as much as we love soap dramas and tomorrow’s event is one everyone in the world is waiting for.

However not everyone will accept a blanket apology and that’s with good reason.

Like many, I am wondering which persona is going to take the mike at 11:00 a.m.

Will it be Eldrick, the man who is a family man, and a husband who committed adultery and who is letting the world know that his marriage is first and foremost? Will it be him, with Elin by his side, giving about a thirty minute monologue as to what happened and how he is not only on the mend mentally but that his wife is standing by him and they are working on renewing their love and friendship so that they are a better couple?

Or will it be Tiger, the man who the world knows as the #1 golfer in the world; a brand name that is still so strong that very few companies wanted to step aside from him.

Will it be that persona that will speak less about the personal issues and more about the profession that has made him famous?

Or will it be a combination of the two?

And who is crafting this message that we will hear?

Is Tony Dungy a part of the HAZMAT team that is trying to help reshape his image?

Is Marc Steinberg the puppet master behind all of this trying to ensure that his client is still marketable to Fortune 500 companies?

Or will the man who went to Stanford push everyone aside and say, “Let me do this as a man and without all the gloss and shine of a image consulting team behind me.”

What the public wants is the man who will be frank and forth right about what happened, why it happened and how it will never affect his personal AND professional life again.

The mea culpa the public wants is someone who is truly sincere in his words and demeanor.

That means having a blank wall behind him and only having maybe his wife and agent at his side.

That means that there is no media circus or if there is, he is in control of that circus by limiting the number of microphones in front of him.

In other words, let’s don’t do a Kwame Kilpatrick scene in which the apology is taped in your den.

Let’s not do the Kobe Bryant moment in which your lawyers and wife are right there and you are holding her hand and crying into the cameras.

We the public really don’t care what apology he has given to his family because that is private and even the Witches of HLN should be able to respect that.

What we the public do care about is the sincerity of the apology for the public and the fact that you are out trying to be better than others who have committed similar moral crimes.

The public wants to see Elin and Woods together living a normal life; if there is such a thing in this world.

We the public really want to stop flipping the channel and seeing a special on TLC or to hear Nancy Grace, Joy Behar and Jane Mitchell make it sound as if only men commit adultery in the world.

What the public is asking for is something that probably could have been given months ago but if done right and proper, can make all of those months of anticipation seem worth it.

And so Woods needs to come out and just be the person we probably has never seen before; himself.

Whichever persona comes out tomorrow morning, I am hoping that the message he delivers is sincere and not a PR constructed masterpiece.

If he stumbles during the presentation, that’s fine.

If he chokes up when he mentions his wife and breaks down in front of us and Elin comforts him sincerely, that’s okay.

Whichever persona delivers the message tomorrow, it needs to be human and it needs to be real.

That’s the only apology that the public will accept and ultimately the only one his family will hold on to.


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