Problem with any fringe party movement is that it really doesn’t serve the center well

Joe "the Plumber" was in town for the SATP celebration

By Gregory Moore

Yesterday, after finishing up some housework duties before my better half got back into town today, I decided to take a break and head down to one of my favorite watering holes for a nice cold draft beer and conversation with somebody else besides my television remote.

About an hour after I had been there, some friends of mine came in and said that I should have been where they were at just a few minutes ago.

“We got the chance to speak with Joe the Plumber,” one of them said.


“Yeah, he was a part of the Tea Party celebration that was held today at Sunset Station,” my friend continued.

Whhaaatt???? Tea Party celebration?

I had no clue that the San Antonio Tea Party even made it to a one year celebration; not with all that nonsense going on between it and one Matt Perdue; who has splintered the group, broken off and started his own tea party faction.

And Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher was in town.

Wozers is all I could think of.

Who knew.

But seriously, we all knew and KNOW what the Tea Party is; a fringe group of 21st century rabble rousers who firmly believe that they are the Republican Party’s newest flavor and driving force for that party’s base.

From having Joe the Plumber and a guy like Kevin Jackson, a man who has decided to actually challenge why African Americans are mainly Democrats, to the worshipping of talking lap dogs like Glenn Beck, Sean Hanity and the like, the majority of these members are so brain dead that if common sense was to slap them on the arse, they wouldn’t wake up from their Jim Jones inspired and kool-aid enhanced comas.

That’s not to say that the left doesn’t have its share of whacked out and borderline manical fringe members either.

Both parties do and that’s the problem with today’s politics and two party system; the fringes do not represent or serve the center populous.

The problem with this country’s politics is that it is really all about the “gotcha” game plan.

The party that hasn’t had power or majority leadership in a while waits until the opposing party screws up and then it pounces on them like rabid hyenas on a feeding frenzy.

It attacks some solid programs as being either too liberal or too conservative.

It rams the negative talk smearing mantra down our throats until we either gag from it, run from it or just ignore.

For some, they embrace that strategy and that is how these fringe movements get born.

Think about where the Tea Party really came from.

Its origins can be found in all the campaign rallies that the Republicans had during the last Presidential election.

For many, joining this group or cause has given them the energy to continue their vial smear campaign towards the current administration now in office or to try and derail any real progress on the current matters at hand.

Never mind the fact that many of the programs the current administration is trying to put in place may be exactly what this country needs at this moment.

Forget about the fact that for almost twelve years the new minority party was the old majority party and it put is in this very crisis we are all experiencing day in and day out.

What may have started out being a noble cause for some true citizens concerned about where the country was heading and where it may go has been overtaken by a new generation of political war mongers who are not out to help one party or the next; it is out to derail anything that would be beneficial for all concerned.

And what’s truly sad about the whole issue is that some very good commentators on both sides of the aisle re getting caught up in this mess all in the name of ratings.

And what does this organization have proof of substance?

Some half baked notions that they have been behind Democrats losing their seats in Washington in some key states, little if any existent local persususion and/or clout and the fact that they are now the party of the people.

The problem is that the majority of Americans, whether they be of the persuasion of the Republican Party, Democrat Party, Green Party, Independent or other political flavor, do not subscribe to the rubbish that is spewed from this fringe group.

The majority of Americans understand what’s going on and they are reacting to what they are investigating on their own and are not listening to any puppets or puppet masters in this fringe.

It is why the Tea Party, despite what it may believe, is not having the kind of success that it is trying to sell the rest of us.

This country does not follow fringe movements nor does it take kindly to anyone trying to derail a system of politics that has worked pretty well over the past few centuries.

Are the party members on both sides responsible for this mess we are in now?

Of course they are.

But their fringe groups, whether it be the Tea Party for the Republicans or an organization like for the Democrats, are not helping squelch the problems we are facing; only prolonging them or making the situations worse with their rhetoric.

And having person like Joe the Plumber isn’t helping the cause either.

People like that don’t really stand for anything; especially if how they became involved in these matters is farce to begin with.

It is time for everyone who think for themselves tell these groups to either truly be down with what the problems are and come up with local, regional and state solutions to the issues or stay in the high school gymnasium and continue their childish school chants on the opposition.

Because if you are not truly down with what is facing this country and its leaders and you don’t want to help make a positive contribution to said problems, why does the rest of us need you around?

To remind us why fringe groups fizzle out after a 36 month time frame?


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