The block that was felt in Spurs land

Manu Ginobili blocks Kevin Durant's shot (NBAE/Getty)

By Gregory Moore

It probably didn’t look like much but then again it’s a rarity in the basketball sphere to see a shooting guard make a defensive play like a power forward.

And yet there was Manu Ginobili doing exactly that against one Kevin Durant.

If you haven’t seen the play on the highlight reel, don’t worry it’s probably on Youtube or some other viral medium by now.

And while the Spurs win over the Oklahoma City Thunder was indeed impressive by performance standards, the win is only the ‘back story’.

The block is the lead story and it is now entrenched into the woven fabric of Spurs folklore.

Think about that for a moment and let it sink in for a bit.

In a season where the team has yo-yoed more than even the best roller coaster ride at your favorite amusement park, sometimes the smallest of things can actually be the catalyst of something big that turns a team around.

Call it what you want.

Think of it if you must.

But realize the presence and necessity of what Manu’s block has now done for this team.

What has it done?

It has given thought and pause to words like gutsy, game changing, momentum changing, life altering.

Okay maybe the latter may be a stretch but I think you get the point.

This is a season changing event that has changed the scope of where this team is right now.

Couple this event with the play of Richard Jefferson playing his normal position and is free to play that position with no hindrance. And while his nine points may not seem like much, it was the feeling of being free to do what he does best so that he can gel with the team.

You mate this with the play of George Hill at point, Ginobili’s 26 points and how the team handled a young team that loves to make runs and you can see why this could be a season changing moment.

After all it is just one block but it may be the most important block of this season.

And if you talk to Spurs fans, they will tell you this is the block that was felt in Spurs land that night.


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