Want Americans to pay attention to the healthcare debate? Put the whole thing on ESPN

By Gregory Moore

So the POTUS had this little shindig of a forum over at the Blair House on Thursday and he had his moment in the sun.

Or should I say moments.

And from what I understand about what happened, there aren’t too many people in the opposite party who are happy how they were treated.

Saying that President Obama looked boorish would probably be an understatement of the facts but let’s just all agree that what happened in that room is typical Washington politics.

But there is one thing that President Obama was correct on and it is the fact that the election is over and it is time to stop using talking points and look for real solutions.

The American public would love for that to happen in Washington but let’s face it; you can’t change how a donkey uses the toilet seat in four years and you sure as hell can’t teach an elephant table manners after they have been speaking with their mouths full and trunks in the air for thirteen years.

The bottom line is that old habits that are in both parties are hard to change over night or even over an administration cycle.

In all honesty we shouldn’t be surprised at the bottle neck known as our legislature but if Americans really want to see something as serious as the health care debate get fixed or at least fixed to a modicum where progress can be seen, instead of having a forum on CSPAN, let’s put the whole debate on a channel that Americans care to watch.

Let’s put the whole debate on ESPN and other Disney channels.

Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it?

In reality, there is some truth to the summation.

After all what do we as Americans care about most?

Good programming.

For men and most women, the ESPN sports channels is what we wake up to; not CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC and other channels.

For many women who are in the home during the day, LMN, Oxygen and E! probably get more viewership than the big three networks that have daytime soaps running.

My premise for suggesting that maybe the powers that be put the debate on alternative channels is because you want the public to be engaged in the debate, become fully cognizant of what is going on and see the whole process unscripted and at a time where you will get maximum exposure.

CSPAN coverage of the event just won’t do it because not too many people in the normal everyday aspect of life watch C-SPAN.

So if you want Americans to pay attention to the healthcare debate and the issue, you need to put it front and center on a channel that they would normally be watching.

Pick a day port and a channel and then let the banter and bickering begin.

Would there be backlash from all aspects of the entertainment world?


Would it be unconventional?

Most definitely.

But will it get the American public’s attention?

You better believe it.

This issue is far too important than to just keep it in the realms of Washington politics.

Forget the town hall settings.

This needs to be in a living room setting that will keep viewers engaged.

This may not sound like the most logical of ideas but one thing is certain: the American public will stay tuned to it longer on one of these channels than they would on CSPAN or some news channel.


One response to “Want Americans to pay attention to the healthcare debate? Put the whole thing on ESPN

  1. 2/26/2010
    Wow, It was stated that Health care is not a moral issue,hmmmm
    Please allow me to share a little story with you. As I watched my mom die from cancer, and Health care Insurance Companies dumped on her as if she was no more than a dog dieing on the side of the road, i dropped from and out of this system for over 30 years, and now because of system failure, the IT, has come into my life. As I watch Government Officials fight over this Health care Dollar, it reminds me of a bright sunny day in Tennessee while on a friends farm and a little bug flew in to the ground, and the chickens went plum off, boy oh boy the scawking and the feathers went shy high, so I reached down and I took this scared little Health Care Bug from Government Officials, and I have it safely in my hands. As I searched for a way to help, I asked God to help me build a Reform that is of a moral building block for the better good of man kind and to rebuild the National Security of the United states Of America. And you would never guess what God has allowed me to see. This little blog statement you will find true,
    I wish to give a great big thank you to all my new friends on the Internet for posting FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward.
    This building block for a honest Health Care Reform has been a great experience and for any one who did not take part, you have truly missed out on what makes Americans Great. This diversity created by Government Officials has failed and now the eyes of 173 million American People watch as now, for the first time Government Officials sit down together as it should be. The out come is yet to be seen. But they know that a anomaly has been created and it is because of the restructuring of The Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, and The Declaration Of Independence, “has been used in it original created forum” as a factor of a peoples right to undo the amendments of Laws that protected Health Care Companies against the People, over a dollar.
    And I wish to say i write what is needed in order that some how I can undo all the wrong I have done in hopes that the slate will be wiped clean….
    Just because our children do not understand I wish to share this again,
    “For days I worked the word diversity in my mind and it came to me that because of this it is not Americas weakness it is our greatest strength. And this is how I will show you.
    Bill Of Rights –
    The Declaration of Independence-
    United under one forum, builds what is called the Trinity of the Protection Of Laws. This is because these Laws were built by people of faith who gave thanks to God for this wisdom. One would have to see and admire the simplicity of the three as one and at the same time they maintain their independence.”

    On page 100 at our site is the early stages of what is called A Prime Directive for Health Care, so please drop on by and see 173 million peoples views in and for Health Care. And it should be known that this information on page 100 is true and documented in Law and History.
    Henry Massingale
    FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward
    http://www.fascmovement.mysite.com on google look for page 1 American dream official site.

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