Robertson’s current legal issue is believable because of his past issues with the law

Alvin Robertson has been in trouble with the law on various occasions, including a 2007 arrest on outstanding warrants.

By Gregory Moore

Alvin Robertson is in trouble again and it doesn’t surprise me.

Heck it doesn’t even faze me anymore.

And when I mean I wasn’t shocked when reports came out that he was a part of a sexual trafficking case, I mean that I wasn’t a bit surprised.

Now many may think I have it in for Robertson and that’s not the case.

I don’t have it in for anyone per se but when it comes to individuals who have had the God given ability to be exceptional in life, whether that be an entertainer, pro athlete or successful financier who can make himself money and others even more money, my tolerance on dumb ass acts is near zero.

Such is the case here with Robertson.

My tolerance of him doing dumb ass things passed seven years ago.

Why do I consider this latest arrest a dumb ass move on his part?

Because Alvin Robertson has never shown the desire to be straight with anyone and has never stopped to think that who he ‘rolls’ with is dangerous to his health, freedom and bank account.

Let me give you a quick example of what I am talking about.

Sunday while at the Spurs game, I had this discussion with a very good acquaintance of Alvin’s and myself. This acquaintance told me that Robertson was in Dallas during the All Star festivities and during the time that the two spoke, Robertson was ‘stoned’ and was with several questionable individuals that all three of us knew well.

This acquaintance told Alvin that he really needs to get his act together because his reputation around San Antonio is severely in the crapper.

Now I have no reason to doubt this acquaintance because both he and I have known each other over a decade AND we have known Alvin since his retirement days.

The conversation that I had with this acquaintance on Sunday wasn’t surprising because I’ve basically told Alvin the same thing over the years; as recently as early in October at the AT&T Center when Robertson was trying to get myself and this same acquaintance to get Shaquille O’Neal to sign a shoe for him for a supposedly new sports bar that was opening up.

What makes this even more tragic is that I have been involved with Robertson on a past legal issue; one that involves him assaulting his then girlfriend and I was in the jury pool selection for his trial. Not only did I get myself off of that jury, it didn’t take much for me to do. Just the following sentence: “Your honor, I am a well known sports writer here in San Antonio, Texas and I know both the defendant AND the victim in this case.”

I’ve been around when he has had legal troubles in which he has harassed his now ex-wife.

These are the very reasons why I have no doubt in my mind that Alvin is involved in this current case and I’m not just saying he’s guilty by association; in my opinion that is based upon knowing him for over a decade, legal trouble finds him quite easily simply because his associations are not ones that make his innocence so believable.

Jimmy Parks, Jr., a renowned criminal attorney and who is representing Robertson, has consistently said that Robertson is innocent of these allegations.

Ironically Jimmy and I have done a few radio shows together and we have mutual respect for each other. I understand where he is coming from as an attorney because he is fighting for his client.

With that said however, Jimmy will have a hard time convincing me that Alvin isn’t caught up in this mess.

As Parks has said in recent interviews, his client is asking the community to not judge him based on prior incidents.

But that’s the problem Alvin has always faced; his past actions have always been pretty consistent with current issues he may be facing legally.

Robertson has a hard time respecting women and that’s no story tale here.

Battery, assault and even the burglary charge he has faced all stem from his psychological issues of respecting women. His past/current usage of illegal substances could also be at play.

His knack for affiliating with ‘questionable’ individuals or being in situations where his affiliations are questioned say a lot about his character.

It is why Parks is going to have a very difficult time getting his client’s innocence proven in the court of public opinion; the public opinion about Robertson is not a good one and it’s based upon a lot of preceding issues that are very factual spanning some twelve years or so.

If Alvin is truly innocent of these charges, then hopefully the truth will prevail on this particular case and Parks can do whatever is necessary to clear his client’s name.

But Alvin’s reputation in the public is going to take a tremendous beating because once again he has allowed himself to be in a position that he shouldn’t have been in the first place.

Hopefully there will be a good conclusion on his behalf but if not, I will not be surprised if more details come out about his involvement or even acquaintance with those who are a part of this case as well.

Because for me, this is just par for the course on how Alvin Robertson has pretty much lived his life since retirement.


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