Badu doesn’t get it; as a mother you just don’t DO whatever the hell you feel like doing

Erykah Badu's actions and subsequent reaction to her nude display in Dallas should be alarming to all single mothers

By Gregory Moore

I don’t think Erykah Badu fully understands what she did a few days ago when she decided to do a nude shot in Dealey Plaza.

For those who don’t know where or what Dealey Plaza is, that is where John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Badu is a Dallas native and she knows the reverence that place in downtown Dallas holds to the local citizens; not to mention the nation.

“JFK is one of my heroes, one of the nation’s heroes. … John F. Kennedy was a revolutionary; he was not afraid to butt heads with America, and I was not afraid to show America my butt-naked truth,” Badu told Wanda Sykes this past Saturday.

Artistic expression is a wonderful thing but for anyone to use what she did as a First Amendment defense is not only clueless on what is guaranteed in the Constitution, they do not understand that laws were broken.

Badu intentionally set out to have a media firestorm to drive record sales of her new album.

If you don’t believe me, then why would the owners of Creative Control tell MTV the following statement: “We had bail money and everything,” Coodie said. “I think she really wanted to get arrested and even make a bigger message.”

Really guys, is that the truth? And if it is, doesn’t that make you co-conspirators to this whole nude caper?

But I want to take this further if you don’t mind.

I’m going to take this to a realm that evidently Badu and others do not realize where she is in her life.

For a mother of three to bare her ‘naked truth’ to the world in front of other mothers and their children doesn’t show the world that she is someone who respects JFK or any other parent; it shows a selfishness that many have said it what she is all about these days.

What point did that scene prove in her video?

Why would she allow herself to be put in a position where she has broken laws in her home city?

And why act as if she is the victim and not the perpetrator?

Finally why act so irresponsibly in the post shoot press by defending the action?

Is this what a responsible mother of three does these days? Especially one of Badu’s fame and stature?

And if it is indicative of what a responsible mother does these days, what does that say about how our children are raised in relation to respecting authority and the laws where they live?

What this shows is that Badu simply doesn’t get it and she never will.

Even though she may have gotten press coverage many times over the $500 fine, that does not negate the fact that as a mother of three children, she has shown herself to be unwise and almost unfit in the rearing of her children.

The fathers may not be ‘hip’ to this action and that in itself is also a tragedy because anyone who is a parent or who has raised a child for any extent of time knows that the first rule is to make sure that a good example is set before said child.

What example did she set? How to defy the law AND then make light of the situation?

As a mother of three there was a better way for her to express her creativity in her video shoot and the first example would have been to have all the permits necessary to shot the video in the first place.

That is what a good mother would do or better yet, a responsible parent.


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