Goodell got it right and probably had it right all along

By Gregory Moore

If you haven’t heard, Ben Roethlisberger has received a conditional six game suspension for his misconduct in a small Georgia bar a few weeks ago.

Goodell, or as I will now refer to him, the Commish, came down on the Pittsburgh Steelers star like the protector that he is.

His ruling on this matter wasn’t about star power, name recognition, street cred or race.

It was all about the image of the NFL and as the commissioner, Goodell went out and defended the shield against a known threat.

For average folk that is something that is incomprehensible. To them, they think that Goodell has overstepped his bounds when in reality he is doing something that hasn’t been done in a very long time and that is to reign these big boys in and let them know that the days of just going off committing silly or even deadly criminal acts will no longer be tolerated.

And what better way to really drive that message home than to sit down one of the games most recognizable players for his actions of three weeks ago.

Keep in mind that the Commish has used a similar precedent with Michael Vick, Chris Henry and Pacman Jones. He had to use the same formulas and thought processes in this case as he did in the others. That is if he wanted to continue to protect the image of the league.

So by all accounts, Goodell did the right thing in this suspension and it shows that there is a zero tolerance for such heinous acts; whether criminal charges are filed or not.

That’s the kind of stance that the Commish needs to take in dealing with players who constantly putting the league in a negative light.

It’s what sports commissioners are supposed to do and in Goodell’s case, he’s doing a bang up job.


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