Bitching and moaning just typical signs of a mentally lapsed Mavs’ franchise

By Gregory Moore

Bitch. Bitch. Bitch.

Whine. Moan. And Groan.

If it isn’t Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban bitching about Danny Crawford’s officiating, it’s somebody moaning about how the Mavs are disrespected when they play defense.

But then there’s the whining and usually that comes from Eric Dampier and a few others.

In this case, it’s ‘Ericka’ (as Dirk Nowitzki once anointed him) and this time Dampier is moaning about how the Spurs got all the calls and the Mavs didn’t.

“When we play defense we’re under a magnifying glass, but when we’re on offense, there’s no magnifying glasses,” Dampier said. “You’ve got to call it both ways. Dirk Nowitzki drives, he doesn’t get fouled. They drive on the other end and they get the little ticky-tack fouls. So keep it consistent, that’s all. Don’t be one way or the other.”

Evidently Dampier isn’t really at the games he’s talking about because for anyone to say that the Mavs don’t get calls is either smoking the white stuff, snorting the brown stuff, or is simply wearing some very tinted glasses that have Bluetooth receptors beaming subliminal messages into their corneas.

In all seriousness this whining and moaning of the Dallas Mavs is really getting tired and old.

But coming from a team that isn’t mentally tough shouldn’t be that difficult to grasp.

More on in a little bit though because there are some things that need to be addressed so that even ‘Ericka’ can understand the ground he is trying to walk on.

First off, the Mavs got plenty of calls in their first game and got a hell of a lot of calls in their third game.

VIDEO: Game 3 highlights

Camping out in the lane, basically playing a zone defense and let us not forget how Nowitzki tried to do a nose surgical job on Manu Ginobili’s nose. Or maybe we should overlook how a hard foul sent a Spurs guard sprawling into the bank of camera men in front of their bench?

Yeah Dallas got plenty of calls but that wasn’t their issue last night.

Lack of mental toughness was; which isn’t a big shocker to this writer.

As one Dallas columnist put it, and I’m paraphrasing here, the Spurs’ big three delivered; the Mavs didn’t.

Well now there’s a shocker.

Yes Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan combined for 63 points last night.

Granted George Hill chipped in a playoff best 17 points.

But you know what the intangible was for the Spurs?

They didn’t panic when they were up or down in the game; they just kept their mental focus.

Can’t say the same thing for the Mavs.

At the 3:03 mark in the third quarter, the Mavs were up 68-59; a nine point lead that capped a spectacular offensive flourish by Dallas.

And that was their sole highlight moment outside of a three pointer by Jason Terry in the fourth.

From a nine point lead, the Spurs go on a run of their own; a 36-17 flurry that ends the game.


What calls?


What defense?


Stop bitching.

What happened to the Mavs is the same thing that happened to them in 2006 against the Miami Heat; they wilted under the pressure of winning a meaningful playoff game.

The same thing happening now happened then and I’m talking about the lack of mental toughness and the fact that they griped and moaned all they through their demise.

If it weren’t referee calls, it was the referees calling timeouts when players say they didn’t call them.

The sad thing is that probably the best coach that could take them to where they need to go, they let go in 2008 and brought in Rick Carlisle.

Sure, Rick’s squad has had the Spurs’ number as of late but that doesn’t mean  ish when you’re in the playoffs. How well did they fair last year after beating the Spurs? They got hammered by the Denver Nuggets.

How well did they handle the success of beating the Spurs in 2006? They got squelched in the NBA Finals?

Do you see a pattern here?

And along with the losing comes the whining

Which is typical Dallas Mavs’ flair and pompenstance when things don’t go their way.

Mentally, this team is inept at grasping the reality that if you just go out and play the game, more often times than naught the better team will win the contest.

That’s not how Dallas plays things and it shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us.

Neither should this griping, moaning, bitching and groaning from players and an owner.

Herm Edwards said it best when he was the New York Jets’ head coach: “You play to win the game.”

Not bitch.

Not gripe.

Not complain.


Maybe if Eric Dampier and his teammates spent more time playing the game and less time arguing calls during the game and bitching afterwards, they would win meaningful series.

Right now however this is what they are relegated to and for the Spurs and others, that is perfectly fine for them to do so.


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