Despite what you think you know, the economy may indeed be on the upswing

Retail shopping is always a key indicator as to how the economy is doing.

By Gregory Moore

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’ve had good reason; I’ve become the product of a booming economy.

Yeah that’s right; I’m the proud product of an economy that is on the upswing.

The job market is up people.

Retailers are about to see a major boost in sales starting in six days and guess what? Some of the things that were promised two years ago are happening right in front of you.

What is so ironic is the fact that there are individuals who want to continue to tell you that this country’s economy is still in the sewer and we have a long way to go.

Well here’s what you do…stop listening to naysayers and pay attention to what is going on around you.

Forget about what the politicians and talking heads are saying because if the truth was truly told, they would be saying that despite some rough times, there are good times ahead and that it is going to take hard work.

Now does that mean that the Democrats have won?

The Republicans and Tea Partyers?

No on all fronts.

This isn’t about politics but about how the American people are making things work and that is what we are all about.

I’ve said in the past that if people got up and stopped feeling sorry for themselves they would find ways of fixing whatever needs fixing.

Our economy needs fixing folks and we are fixing it.

I’ve been in one of the busiest malls in Dallas and I don’t see a slumping economy.

Not when you see shopping bags from some big name stores in shoppers’ hands.

From Tiffany’s to Dillard’s to Macy’s to the new Disney store, I see a booming economy.

Car dealerships are doing well too as I’ve seen a lot of dealer tags for both new and used cars on the road.

And the job market?

Don’t get me started because I’ll debate anyone who tells me there aren’t jobs out there.

They are out there but you can’t be sitting on your couch and waiting for it to come.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there.


Job who?

Do you want one?

You’ll never hear that knock folks but as one car company’s ad is known for saying, Mr. Opportunity is out there and he’s knocking on the right door if you know where to look.

So with the holiday season about to commence, let me say this: the economy is blooming and booming.

It’s on the upswing and 2010 has been a good year for all of us.

We just need to keep pushing to make sure that the next new year is even better than the past.

 Happy Holidays.


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