Hatas’ need to re-evaluate their lives; not a 20 something multi-millionare who plays ball

By Gregory Moore

DALLAS, Texas – It’s been a while since I’ve penned something but this needed to be said: for those who continue to ‘hate’ on LeBron because of his decision; it’s time to re-evaluate your lives.

Here’s the scoop. There is a time to ‘hate’ on someone and then there is a time to let it go and move on.

LeBron, the good citizen, is hated while DeShawn, the criminal, is celebrated by many.

Sports, especially professional sports, is a business: pure and simple. There are no such things as allegiances anymore and for those players who are fortunate to be with one franchise their entire career, that only happens when titles are won during their time with the organization.

Want proof?

Look no further than Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.

Das German has spent thirteen seasons with that franchise and he has seen it go up and down. This year, he got his coveted title and he is now in the elite fraternity of NBA champion.

If you think Dirk would have stayed with this franchise last summer if they had not shown a sincere desire to win, you smoking the good stuff. He would have bolted as soon as he could.

Which brings me to LeBron James aka the Chosen One aka the most hated sports figure in pro sports right now.

Why is he hated? Because he allegedly bolted from his hometown and aired the now infamous ESPN one hour commercial called “The Decision”.

Let us forget that thousands of dollars in ad revenue went to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and especially to the club in Akron.

Let’s forget the fact that after 2007, Dan Gilbert handcuffed his front office by not listening to his star.

Let’s forget that despite the success the Cavaliers may have had, everybody came to see LeBron; not Daniel Boobie Gibson, Mo Williams or anyone else on that team one, two, four seasons ago.

If it weren’t for LeBron, Cleveland wouldn’t be mentioned even now; that’s how far it dropped off of the basketball world. And when the last great players anyone came come up with are Rod Williams, Craig Ehlo and Brad Daugherty, guess what? Your franchise flat out sucks eggs.

So has anyone thanked LeBron for bringing the Cavs back to the forefront for seven seasons?


But they do hate his guts.

And for what? For going to where titles truly mean something and not just chalk talk?

But what’s so far over the edge is the fact that while so much ink, including here, is spent about LeBron, nobody talks about whether he’s a good citizen or not; both on and off the court.

I mean LeBron may not have won a title but at least he didn’t get arrested for public intoxication like DeShawn Stevenson.

Oh wait, let’s go back further to 2001 when Stevenson was in court over the rape allegations of raping a 15-year-old girl.

Yeah that may be almost a decade ago but here’s the thing: LeBron hasn’t been nowhere near a court room for anything and yet he’s being placed under a magnifying glass like he done stole the biggest chocolate chip cookie from Cookie Monster.

If we are going to be that petty about someone’s inefficiencies because he didn’t stay true to his home city, why can’t we also balance it out and say, “Well he is doing right by his family and kids”?

We can’t.

It’s not in our nature to do so.

Bashing is easy.

Making classless jokes is moronic.

But you know what’s truly sad?

That a 20 something year old man with millions and millions of dollars in the bank will have taken care of at least two generations of his kids and most of us can’t even pay the water bill or gas bill on time.

Think about it folks.

Who needs to really re-evaluate their lives here? LeBron or the hatas that are out there trying to make a buck off of his inefficiency to win in a series that he is at one year too early?

Gregory Moore is a former sports editor/columnist who is now in the Information Technology field. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.


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